Make Your Dog Look More Appealing – Best Tips For Grooming

Dogs are life and we love cuddling up with them more often. Bringing them home, taking their care is an exciting experience just like parents have with newborns. Besides, our feeling to get upset over not finding the pup nearby or unwell remains constant. A canine simple roams around us all day and loves us more than anything, without getting bored.

Taking a walk with buds on footpaths for a mile, playing with him in lawns, and sleeping beside them in the night, are some important aspects of our routine as a dog lover. The dogs are therapists and become our power at times of breaking down.

“Sometimes the best medicine is a dog who thinks his love can cure you” – Anonymous

Tips for Regular Grooming

You take your lovely pups to the parties and different pet shows with care and love. But all your affection goes unpraised if you don’t bother if he doesn’t look like a hero. Yes, other people can never find your love for baby-dog if he keeps looking like a disaster. Let’s not regret this later, by following some quite interesting and easy-to-do tips for dog grooming:

Bath A Day Keeps The Bacteria Away

You are at the edge of carelessness if you do not take good care of your dogs. Dogs are also living things like all of us and they require cleaning every now and again. But sometimes, you do neglect this right of your bud and don’t keep him clean even though you love him a lot. Also, keep your baby-boo’s ear and nose clean.

Bathing is the topmost and prioritized need of the pup. Try to wash his body on a daily basis with lukewarm water in all kinds of weather. Rinse off all the dirt that is stuck in the pup’s body with water. You must use a shampoo and a soap for this and you can easily find them in a market.  Moreover, daily baths may protect your pup from different germs that can cause illness.

Who Loves The Dog With An Unbrushed Fur Coat?

The answer is Nobody. Fluffy dogs win the heart if their furry coat is assembled and brushed up well. You may never like your little bud with scattered fuzzy hairs around his face. You can make your pup look super cute and adorable by using different dog hair accessories like fancy pins, hair catch, a band that gives a decent look to your baby-dog. A dog brush is used to brush your pet hair.

Always Keep His Teeth Clean And Nails Trimmed

One more simple yet important step in our baby’s grooming is cleanliness and it’s not less than a blessing if you have a dog with crystal shined teethes under his mouth and his grins make you proud.

While playing with a pup, sometimes you may get injured by him. But wait, have you checked his nails? Maybe your negligence towards this caused a bruise on your skin. Cutting out bud’s long nails to the shorter ones not only makes him clean but also saves you from this unintentionally bruising.

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Prepare Your Dog For Some Get Together – Tips For Occasional Grooming

What else can please you more than having a big smiled dog as a best friend? Yes, dogs are the great buddies anyone could ever have and of course, you would love to take them with you to different social gatherings and parties with the look everyone admires. Here are some things to do before taking your pet to a party:

Teach Your Dog Some Natural Norms

It is necessary to train your dog some domestic norms like where to poo and pee, before taking him with you in a party or get to gather. It tells how well-mannered your pup is and how responsible of an owner you are. A pet-puppy is like a family member and of course, you don’t want to let him feel like a stranger by keeping him outside the house to “get his business done”.

Dressing Your Pup in an Adorable Costume

Dressing them up according to the theme is the most entertaining thing-to-do ever. You can put on a sports t-shirt on your dog if you are going to the sports gala, a fancy party rocker for some fun party and can also dress your dog like a lion if you are going on some theme pet show.

Take Good Care Of His Diet And Health

A good meal for a dog is like a lifesaver so don’t forget to keep a check on it. Though everyone has a different taste and you can see the different genres of pet-dogs with owners having different personalities however the food intake and health issues are approximately the same for every breed of dog. Remember, when you own a dog, you are taking responsibility for another life.

So, if your dog’s health is good and sound, only then you can make him play or do whatever you want to do with him.  Always opt for food that he likes as you can find various dog food from the market.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

No discussion on dog health can be completed without some do’s and don’ts. Here is a list of things that make you confused about your dog and their care along with answers:


  • Use suitable equipment: Ask out your veterinarian which products are better in use to clean up your pup and also, which things we should keep in mind while cleaning up a pet and how can we help him to groom.
  • Be patient and know your limits: When your dog is going through mood swings and is not supporting you in the process of grooming then leave him for a second. Let him calm and do not lose patience as it may make things worse.
  • Make it your routine: Try to make your routine to give bath to pup on an everyday basis as the dog loves roaming around all corners of the house, whole day and so gets dirty.


  • Don’t hurry: Would you like your dog to be treated in a rush? No. Hasty grooming can cause anxiety and he would even not let you do the regular-grooming things when anxious.
  • Don’t give up: You might take a lot of time in the cleaning of your dog, but don’t stop doing so, as if you give up once, the task will remain undone till long.
  • Don’t use scented shampoo: Sometimes, your pup gets annoyed and irritated with the smell of the shampoo. Its good to use scented shampoo but over-smelly shampoos are not welcoming for dogs.
  • Don’t forget to clean every part: While giving a bath to your pup, you need to check if every single part of the dog’s body is cleaned and washed.

End line:

“Having a dog will bless you with many of the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst.” – Anonymous

So, it is always good to keep your dog clean and do spend time in his grooming. As healthy dogs keep you smiling all day with his little sweet gestures, unhealthy baby-dogs may sadden you.

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