How to Take Pet Photography? Here’s How To Make It More Memorable

Taking a picture of your pet is an easy way to preserve memories. With modern-day smartphones, it is much easier for us to simply snap a photo and keep the memory alive. But, here is how to make it more memorable.

how to take pet photography
How to take pet photography

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1. Get your pet’s attention

It is important to get your pet’s attention, especially with cats. Pets may not even look at the camera when they are taken photos of. You can get their attention using either a toy or a treat, and then snap the picture when they look in the direction of the object/treat. It is important to try to get closer to your pet when taking pictures because it allows you to fill up more space within the image.

If you want your dog in focus, change your settings so that they are given priority instead of the background. There are also sites where you can get your pet’s photo framed, which you can find out more about here, and this will create an intimate setting where both pets and owners feel safe with one another, which creates a better atmosphere in your home. This is very important for a pet’s happiness.

2. Use natural lighting

The best time for taking photos is usually either the morning or the evening when there is still sunlight. You can also do this by taking pictures near a window because of the natural light that will be given off. If you are using a smartphone, make sure to check what time it is on your device and take note if you are indoors with no windows nearby. A good example would be taking pictures in your bedroom during nighttime. This could result in red-eye, which is not appealing to the eye. If you are outside, then it may provide better lighting for your pets depending on where you are located within that outdoor space/location.

3. Capture movement

If possible, try to capture movement by either having them run towards something or away from something, depending on the type of animal you have. This gives a better perspective and depth within the picture. Another way to do this is to simply tap something around you and wait for your pet to look at it before snapping the photo. Try using a simple object as well as a toy as bait if needed. It is important to get their attention for a brief moment in order to provide a better line of sight when it comes to movement. An example would be a dog running towards a stick thrown by its owner.

4. Have fun taking pictures

Having fun while having your pets take photos gives that extra kick that makes great images even greater! You can play games with them that utilize their favorite toys or treats, which makes it easier for them to cooperate with you, especially when they see those objects/treats in front of them. Also, by keeping things lighthearted and relaxed, trust between both owner and pet deepen, which allows the pet to feel even more comfortable with you.  Keep in mind that the goal of taking their picture is to simply have fun while making memories with your pet. 

5. Don’t overthink it

When you are taking a picture of your pet, do not think about it too much. Either pose them naturally or have fun with them by playing games so that they don’t notice the camera being pointed at them, which can lead to unwanted images due to the lack of trust between owner and pet. Posing them can also be difficult if they are not used to being posed for pictures.

It is best just to have fun while doing this! However, there are some things you should avoid trying while taking photos of pets such as: holding their tails up in order for them to be cuter/prettier, holding them against a wall, and piggyback rides. If the animal is in discomfort while you are trying to take pictures of them, it will not look good when they are finally looking in your direction with that frown on their face.

6. Use selfie mode if possible

If there is no one around to take pictures for you, make use of the “selfie” mode when using smartphone cameras! This makes it easier because all you have to do is tap your pet’s face, which will automatically set up the lighting and focus perfectly. It may take several tries, but it does give you great results when done correctly. You can also try tapping different areas within the frame until it gives off better lighting. Just make sure that the area you are tapping is clear of any obstructions, giving your pet plenty of space to look.

7. Don’t forget background checks

There are several things you want to avoid when taking pictures of pets for easier viewing later on. Avoid having multiple distractions within the same image, such as other animals or objects that may take away from your pet, especially if they are trying hard to get noticed! There should only be one thing within the frame at all times so that nothing is too distracting or overwhelming for viewers.

Another thing would be staying away from using harsh reds or pinks as backgrounds if you are trying to capture your pet’s face because it would stress them out. Instead, try using neutrals such as gray or beige for less straining on the eye. This way, they will appear more relaxed and happy, which also shows through their eyes!

8. Take multiple shots

Lastly, don’t forget to take many shots of your pets if possible! You never know which one is best suited for your final product until you have taken enough photos that may fit the criteria you are looking for. With great images like these, having a lot to choose from can help in providing quality and diversity within your portfolio (if you plan on uploading/selling your images online)!

Why should you have many pictures of your pets?

By having many pictures of your pets, you will have a wider variety to choose from when using them for different purposes. For example, if you are going to use the pet’s photo for a Christmas card, a picture where they are looking up at something would be better, while another with their back facing the camera could look good on a birthday invitation. Another way that this can be beneficial is when it comes to selling images online because there needs to be diversity in order to please all clients! Not just that, but you and your pet will cherish all the images taken together.

Everyone wants to have a memorable pose while taking pet photos, however, pets are usually very difficult to work with. They are used to being free and will often get distracted or bored easily, which can lead to bad pictures. Follow the advice we mentioned above, and you will be able to capture fantastic shots of your pet!

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