Dog Talk: How Important Is To Understand Your Dog’s “Language”

A dog is a man’s best friend – it’s one of the most popular sayings among people from many different cultures. Most dog owners consider their pets as members of their families, and since you care for a member of your family, you want to make sure you understand them.

It’s not always easy among people, and even less so with canines who speak an entirely different language. Dog talk is no Spanish – you can’t just learn it by taking classes and memorizing words. Fortunately, there are ways to communicate with your dog, and you should absolutely get to know them. Don’t you think it’s important to understand what your best friend is trying to say?

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How Does Your Dog Communicate?

Dogs may not use words, but, according to the dog experts from Pet Place, they have many different ways to communicate – their barks, tails, ears, paws, eyebrows, faces and whole bodies. Vocalization, scents and sign language are really developed among canines – they don’t only communicate with each other on a daily basis, they’re also able to resolve conflicts, ask for and get help. And since your dog considers you as a member of his pack, he often does the same with you. Successful communication can help to strengthen your relationship which will make you both happy with what you have.

Do Dogs Say Goodbye Before They Pass Away?

While dogs can’t communicate like humans, they might display changes in behavior or become more loving to convey their farewell. Certain dogs might approach their owner for solace and comfort during their last moments, making one wonder, “do dogs say goodbye before they die?”

Although they might not comprehend death in the same way we do, they can pick up on their owner’s feelings and try to stay close to them, especially when facing the question of whether dogs say goodbye before they die.

In some situations, a few dogs might naturally distance themselves and pass away alone. This behavior is thought to come from their wild ancestors as a survival strategy. When a dog feels weak or unwell, they might seek solitude to safeguard the rest of their group. It’s an inherent instinct for many dogs, which brings us back to the question: do dogs say goodbye before they die?

Why Is It Important To Understand Your Dog?

It’s essential to know what your pet is trying to communicate if you want to provide him with the best possible care; to be able to help him, even when it’s not so obvious that there’s something bothering him, or react accordingly not to aggravate him. How mutual understanding can be beneficial for both you and your dog? 

  • It can keep everybody safe – even the calmest, the most gentle dog can sometimes bite if he feels that he or those close to him may be in danger. It’s very important to be able to tell when your pet is getting irritated or scared. If you see that he’s being cautious, lowers his head and tail, even growls, with his hair raising – you need to step back and take him away from whatever upsets him. Don’t ever force him, nor yell at him – it never works as a training method, it can only push the dog away from you. Biting is the last thing he will do to let you know that something is wrong. It’s better to avoid it. If you think that there’s a bigger problem, you should consult with a professional trainer. Plus, you should know what kind of barking means that he’s trying to warn you – dogs very often sense the danger long before a human can see it.
  • It can keep everybody calm and happy – most importantly, if you’re able to read your pet, you won’t put him in uncomfortable or stressful situations again. Thanks to that, you’ll be trusted and you both will be relaxed and contented. When he shakes off, you know you did something he didn’t like. If he suddenly starts to walk slower, it means he doesn’t feel good with the new place or situation, so maybe you should do some adjustments or come back on another occasion without him. In this case, dogs are just like people – too much stress can result in a lot of different physical and mental health problems. Observe and react if your dog is sweating, licking his lips too often, refusing food or if his pupils are dilated. It may mean that he’s constantly worried about something so it’s better to determine the cause as quickly as possible.
  • It helps you strengthen your relationship – there’s no good and healthy relationship without communication. Of course, sometimes they bark and growl and it’s important to know what it means, but most often, canines communicate through body language. It’s good to remember that your dog sees you in the same way – dogs can’t really focus on many things at the same time, so if you talk and walk, he’ll primarily focus on your movements. 

If you really want your dog to be a member of your family, treat him like one. There are various books, videos and articles that can help you understand your pet better; if you prefer to immediately put ideas into practice, you can turn to a professional dog trainer. Either way, you’ll make it a lot easier for you and your best friend to get to know each other and live together – and your friendship will only flourish.

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