5 Tips To Welcome Your New Puppy Into Your Home

It doesn’t matter if you have been sharing your living space with another furry friend for years. Welcoming a pet into your home can be stressful both for you and for them. In fact, it takes quite an amount of preparation to make a new family member feel warmly welcomed and cozy.

New owners spend a lot of time deciding which dog breed’s personality will correspond with their lifestyle and how to divide soon-to-be responsibilities. A transition to a brand new house environment can be very challenging for a young puppy. That’s why along with portraying fantastic walks you are going to have together, think carefully about how to make your home pet-friendly

In this article, you will find five tips to include in your new puppy checklist. Be sure to follow all of them!

Pet-Proof Your Home

Keep all the things dangerous to dogs out of the puppy’s reach. All small, easily swallowed objects, like jewelry, kids’ toys, and cosmetics, should be on the shelves. Be sure to leave them on the highest ones, as young dogs tend to be volcanos of energy able to squeeze and jump nearly anywhere.

Things like cleaning supplies and electrical wires could also be a big temptation, so make sure to store them in secluded spots for a couple of first months. You may consider latching trash cans and kitchen cabinets. For securing other places, like a toilet, ask for childproof safety locks. It is always better to be one step ahead of your pets, who are usually too excited to explore every inch of their new home to think about the consequences.

Consider Their Personality

When you prepare a puppy-friendly house, make sure to think not only about all the amazing toys and water bowl placement but also about your new pet’s personality. Each breed has different characteristics, and each representative has a unique personality. Some puppies are extremely social and will love to sleep in the living room, especially when it’s full of family members and friends. Other dogs value their privacy much more, and crowded places will make them feel anxious and uncomfortable.

A dog-friendly home is the one in which a puppy feels relaxed and cozy, so remember to keep their personality in mind when planning your love-filled journey. The best would be to get to know a new tenant even before adoption and fostering. If that is not possible, attentively observe your puppy’s behavior and reactions and make adjustments on the go to give them full support.

Prepare the Essentials

To not forget any necessities and feed your puppy from your finest tableware (assuming it wasn’t an intention from the start), supply yourself with doggy-gadgets in a significant advance. When you finally come home together, they should already have their bed, bowls, and toys waiting for them. Just like a human feels warmly welcomed with dinner after a long day of work, a dog will feel just as loved and appreciated from the very start.

Another thing is that preparing all pet essentials beforehand will give you time to think about any adjustments and smart solutions. A bowl placement can turn out to make it hard to clean the flooring. You may have too many furniture pieces in your living room to fit a cute puppy bed that you just bought. It will also be an excellent budget-friendly option, as you will have time to buy things online, where they tend to be even half the price!

Be Patient

While bringing a new furry friend member home is exciting, don’t let your happiness scare your puppy away. Moving and adapting to an entirely new family and environment would be a scary transition for a human alone. And even if dogs are smart creatures, they won’t know why such a big switch is happening and how to deal with it.

A few hugs and kisses are okay, but try not to overwhelm your pet. Let it explore the house on its own while making sure it’s not eating anything weird or wetting the carpet and the flooring. You should be prepared for small accidents, especially if your puppy is not potty trained (which is not an easy process, but you will go through it together).

Make a Schedule

A dog is an animal that will be cheerful and eager to play at any given time. It will be happy to take a walk with you in the night when you’re pulling an allnighter, but in the long run, a lack of schedule will do more harm than good.

Creating a routine is crucial in puppy training. Distribute your doggy’s time between meals, playtime, and bathroom breaks to help them accommodate faster to a new pace of life. In this markandchappell.com article, you can read all about how dogs are creatures of habit that need structure to thrive. So as a part of a welcoming program, you may consider sitting down with all family members to tailor a schedule for your growing home.

Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

A dog-friendly house is one filled with love and understanding of all the challenges your new companion is going through. Regardless of whether your new pet is a dog, cat, or bunny, settling in the new environment may cause them to experience anxiety and fear. While it is essential to give your pet time to adjust to brand new circumstances, there are ways in which you can help them go through them with ease.

When you already find your right puppy match in terms of breed and personality, start the preparations right away. Go on YouTube to look for training tips, call the veterinarian’s office to schedule a check-up, and adjust your house to be as puppy-safe as possible. Being prepared and ready for crises to come (and you may be sure there will be plenty!) is going to be the most significant help for your new puppy.

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