Galaxy Vet Call For An Update In The Veterinary Professional Oath

Why do the Galaxy vets call for revising veterinary professional oaths?

This call for an update is due to the high burnout or suicide rate of veterinary professionals or technicians (nurses). 

Galaxy Vets Veterinary Oaths

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The study conducted by Galaxy Vets and Veterinary Integration Solutions found out that the mean score of the burnout rate has increased from 2.35 to 2.57 in all age groups, which means a 9.4% of overall increase. Statistical data collected by Galaxy Vets also showed a significant 6% increase in considering leaving the profession.

The stress rate in young employers, especially female veterinarians, is higher compared to the male counterpart.

The burnout rate in a male veterinary professional is 1.4 times lower than the female counterpart. 

Another shocking statistic of the current year shows that the suicidal rate in female veterinary technicians is five times higher in the general public. 

The significant increase in burnout rate includes low work-life balance, immense workload, and undeserving behaviour. Managing work with life is the biggest challenge for female veterinary professionals.

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The actual Amendment Galaxy Vet and Dr Ivan Zak suggested

Professional oaths are not just a few words, and it is the promise a person made to himself that have an ethical value. The oath prevents the person from becoming disloyal to their profession. 

In the current situation of a work crisis, when the veterinary professional health is neglected, there is a need to add the language of personal well-being. A solemn pledge can stimulate emotional power, so it should highlight the importance of one’s own health, well-being, and work-life balance.

The challenges or stress in the veterinary work environment are increasing with every passing year. The poor consideration of authorities in providing privileges to them, low compensation, excessive caseload, and under consideration of work-life balance cause the increase in burnout rate, so there is a need to put light on this under-reported issue. 

The veterinarian and veterinary technician oath mainly revolve around animal health and care. The oath also includes the pledge of becoming a dignified professional that pays sole attention to their profession. 

There is a need to reevaluate the oath and amend it to decrease the suicide rate. Considering professionals’ mental health and animal care might lower this high burnout rate and suicide. 

The pledge that the professionals will pay attention to personal health for providing their services in a better way will be beneficial for both humans and animals.

The veterinary oath was last revised decades ago for the welfare of animals. Now it is time to reevaluate and amend it for the well-being of humans. 

Takeaway note for veterinarian employers

Apart from amending the oath, the other thing that can be done to decrease the burnout rate is to adopt a prevention strategy. 

The employers who care for their employee’s mental well-being and have designed burnout prevention strategies responded that their employees have less burnout rate.

Having a work-life balance and high compensation will increase the interest of veterinarians in their profession. A vast number of employees want a pronounced boundary between work and life. According to them, hiring more staff will ultimately decrease the workload that will cause mental relaxation. 

There should be a limitation in work hours, and the per day case should not exceed 25. Adapting these necessary steps will improve the overall professional conditions. 

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