Dog Training- Try Food Treats to Shaping New/ Good Behaviors

Dogs are adorable. They make your life worthwhile and fill it with positive energy. Every dog owner will ultimately agree to this fact. However, things might get a little murkier when it’s time to train your dog. 

Since dogs are intelligent creatures, they often turn their heads when they know we want something from them. In fact, they start reading between the lines and start doing things we want them to avoid in the first place. 

It’s like teaching toddlers not to eat from the floor or not to put everything they find into their mouths. Fortunately, there is a secret ingredient that can encourage your pup to learn and overcome the anxiety or stress triggers. 

But what is that?

It’s food. As simple as that! It’s like the desire to seek the food reward activates the reward-driven learning that regulates the dog’s movement or emotional responses. 

To know more about it, please scroll below!

Dog Treats During Training- Decoding The Facts

Many dog owners often presume that dogs will do anything because they love them. Sadly, that’s not the case when it comes to dog training. Imagine this. You don’t go to work because your owner likes it, isn’t it? You show up because you want something in return like incentives and salary. 

Similarly, dogs’ brains are made in a way that the same circuit handles the seeker/ hunting behavior and fear response. When you present the dog treats, their brain signals the seeker’s behavior and allows them to learn. Food drives dogs to increase their activity responses. 

But what should you opt for as a dog treat?

While there are many options available in the market, chew treats are a great go-to solution for dog training. For instance, you can use bully sticks to reinforce good behavior in your beloved canines.

You cannot only use it to reward them for their excellent behavior but also be used as a source of nourishment. They are quite helpful to clean your dog’s teeth, precisely why the name, dental treats. They will help your dog to remove the plaque and bacteria that build up inside their mouths. 

Wrapping up

Dog training is an essential aspect of a dog’s life. After all, they are social creatures, so having some sense of good behavior will allow them to be a part of a group quite easily. However, it can feel a bit daunting to make them learn new things. 

That’s what dog treats come in handy. It helps you to lure them and do the task as anticipated. But make sure to use this option judiciously. Otherwise, it would suddenly transform into dog bribing than positive reinforcement. For instance, you must know how to switch the prompt to lure your dogs. As they are creatures of habit, they will start following your cue even when there is no food involved. 

That’s how you can help them learn new things without hassle.

So, tell us, how are you making your dog learn new habits? Is food helping you enforce good behavior? Share your dog training secret here.

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