Is Training A Dog’s Brain Possible?

When you were a child, you’ve probably seen countless stories of intelligent dogs. Some of them are so intelligent that they can even solve simple mathematical equations. No kidding—the number of times they bark is the answer to your “2 + 2” question. And it’s just amazing seeing them do this without fail. You probably envied that furry creature after flunking your Math quiz this afternoon.

There are some dogs those who run errands for their masters. They’re too adorable that shopkeepers even offer a great bargain. And remember those dogs in the hospital you saw on TV? They are like nurses. Well, they’re called doctor dogs who help patients feel better by just their presence and cuteness. Who wouldn’t feel better with that sweet little Shih-Tzu anyway? Read more about incredible medical contributions from dogs in this cool post.

Also, who wouldn’t forget about the little heroes that guide persons with disability every day? How about those brave canines that help ensure our safety at the airports and shopping malls? You also probably heard stories about dogs saving people’s lives.

Those are really amazing stories to tell. But perhaps, there’s a tiny speck of misconception that has grown in your mind growing up—that only professional dog whisperers can do this. You are just an ordinary person trying to care for your puppies. You have a day job. Your dog is an average dog, too—he can’t do all of that. The list goes on.

This misconception keeps us from doing our best in stimulating our dogs’ minds. We think that we are ordinary humans and we don’t have any plans of turning our dogs into bomb-sniffing canines at the airport. And so, we don’t take time to train them. You might not even bother as long as you can provide adequate food and water, comfortable shelter and vet appointments, then those things are enough. But tell you what, there’s an entirely wrong written all over it.

Training Your Dog’s Brain is Doable

Training Your Dog’s Brain is Doable

The fact that other dogs can be trained is enough proof that your dog can do it, too. As a pet parent, you only need a couple of things to start with, including patience, determination, up-to-date knowledge and fun treats. If you are thinking about the treats, pups are pretty much low maintenance. A generous amount of belly rub is all they want. Those dog biscuits wouldn’t hurt though.

You’ll need a generous amount of patience, too. This is no easy feat. You’ll need time. But no worries, it will be fun. Try it and see what happens. The next thing you know, your dog can flush the toilet, smile for the camera or even run errands for you. Most importantly, you’ll grow closer together. Training strengthens your bond.

But as mentioned, you’ll need up-to-date knowledge so that you can do this properly. Proper knowledge ensures the safety of both of you. Some forms of techniques are rigid and cruel, which can put your beloved pooch under considerable stress. That isn’t healthy. He might even fight back as a form of rebellion, and this can harm you, too.

Examples of Brain Training

Positive enforcement of good behaviors and routines is the key. This is what brain training for dogs is all about. It doesn’t have to be complicated at the start. To illustrate that point, you can’t teach a child about college algebra if you haven’t taught him basic math. You cannot expect your pet to learn complex routines if you don’t start with the basics.

What are some of the basic mind-stimulating tricks you can teach your fur baby?

  • Sit, come, crawl, stay, stand
  • High-five
  • Rollover
  • Smile
  • Fetch

Stimulating your fur baby’s mind can also be as simple as taking him for a walk on a different route or playing interactive games like a frisbee with him. Not only are you able to provide mentally stimulating activities, but you’re also able to do physical exercise with him. It is super healthy for both of you to stay active. Take note: Dogs need to burn calories, too.

Another thing you can try and you should definitely schedule from time to time is to bring your dog to playdates. Children learn to socialize with other kids when they play together. Dogs can learn that, too. After all, it’s still a different feeling interacting with the same kind of creatures like you. Dogs need quality time with other dogs, too. Just the same with humans—we can’t live with our pets alone. We also need human interaction.

Bringing your dog to playdates helps them to socialize well. It helps them stay calmer and well-behaved. Introducing a nervous dog to the hounds in the neighborhood is actually part of the strategies to tame it and have a better temperament.

Do you want to teach your dog to run errands for you? Bring him whenever you do these kinds of stuff. Just make sure he is allowed the places you plan to go to. Do you need to refill your fridge this weekend? Why not take your dog when you do your grocery shopping? He might just want to copy what you’re doing in the future. And oh, that’s really way too cute! See how a dog named Pituco does this

What are the benefits of training your dear Fido? Your bond will grow stronger together. He won’t find the time and energy to get bored and chew on your shoes. He will do adorable things you’ll be proud of. And who knows, he’ll make a difference in others’ lives, too? Start training him today!

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