The Importance of Training During Your Dog’s Early Life

Your pets are just an important part of your life that you want them to have the best and be the best that they can be. If you are just a first time dog owner or a soon-to-be owner, you must be wondering what’s the best time to have your puppy trained. A dog as young as eight weeks should be starting its basic obedience training already. 

We have listed down below why puppy training is vital to your pet’s life and how it could affect both of your lives.

1. To learn the fundamental skills and behaviors

For your dog to become a better companion, he or she must live a life based on your daily routines. After the training, your puppy should be able to obey basic commands to “sit,” “stay,” “down,” etc., and understand the word “no.” These will be the foundation of your dog in acquiring more advanced skills in the future. The training will shape your puppy’s routines as he or she learns where to potty and when to eat, etc.

2. To prevent bad habits

Bad behaviors should be nipped in the bud as soon as possible to prevent them from turning into habits. Expect your puppy to become rowdy around other people and just bark non-stop. They’ll be biting off of your feet as well as other things in the house. Behaviors like these should be stopped as soon as possible.

3. To help your puppy build a better disposition towards others

dog’s socializing

Puppy training also improves your dog’s socializing skills. He or she will be able to understand how to act around other animals and other people — whether he or she sees them often or not. 

4. It helps optimize your pet’s brain function

As your puppy pick up new knowledge and skills, his or her brain continues to become active and stimulated. This helps with his or her overall brain health as well as physical health.

5. It improves the relationship between you and your pet

As you stay alongside your pet during the training, the teamwork between you and your dog will further improve. It gives you the avenue to get to know each other and get closer together. It serves as a bonding experience for both of you as you become a better companion for each other.

6. For the safety of everyone around

A dog that isn’t trained to have proper manners can be a harm to anyone near him or her. Your puppy should be able to stop on command and obey whatever you tell him. Remember that as a dog grows older, he or she will be harder to teach how to behave properly around other dogs and humans.

7. Puppy training results in a better life for both of you

Puppy training is more than just teaching your young dog how to sit, stay, and rollover. It helps improve the overall quality of your pet’s life and, of course, your life as well — as it builds better relationships and behaviors.

Suppose you are finally convinced that puppy training is probably the best thing you have given your furbaby. In that case, you can look for dog training Alabama that offers behavioral and obedience classes for puppies as young as ten weeks old.


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