7 Best Dog Nail Grinder For Safe Nail Trimming

Clipping off the dog’s nail is necessary, and it should be done every four to five-week when the nails start producing sound during running.

Your dog never enjoys nail cutting because it is a painful event. Sometimes the dogs become aggressive when you are clipping their nails which is not good for your friendship with your dog.

dog nail clippers with guard

dog nail grinder is safer than the traditional nail clipper that may hurt your dog if you are inexperienced in trimming.

A nail grinder gives a smooth shape to your dog’s nail and prevents the nail cracking that might occur during cutting.

Today we will review the best dog nail grinder that is safer for your dogs and easy to handle.

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1. LuckyTail Dog 2 speed rechargeable nail grinder

This high-speed nail grinder and smoothing tool provided with two-speed motors of 80000 and 10000 RPM help in precise and smoother grinding of nails. You can change the speed according to the thickness of the nail and the size of your pup.

The lucky tail contains a rechargeable battery that gives 4 hours of unstoppable trimming. The whisper-quiet technology and ultraviolet vibration let your pet remain calm during the whole course of grinding.


  • Produce sound of only 30 dB intensity that will not scare dogs.
  • The diamond bit grinder makes it an efficient grinding tool.
  • Produce no vibration or buzzing.


  • It takes time to trim hard nails.

You can purchase LuckyTail on their website luckytail.com or at Amazon.

2. Dremel 7300-PT Cat and Dog nail grinder

The Dermal nail grinder simplifies pet grooming and makes it less painful. You can use this high-standard tool to grind nails of any size of dog from small to large.  

Through its 4.8-volt rechargeable battery, it can grind nails safely using a 60-grit sanding drum. The Dremel nail gender is cordless and light in weight, and has two-speed settings; that’s why it is easy to handle. This tool helps you in grinding the nail gently and does not produce deep cuts.


  • It can be used for dogs of all sizes with varied nail thicknesses.
  • Offer two-speed settings that help in precise grinding.


  • Motors sometimes produce noise that may scare the dogs.

3. Oster Gentle paw grinder

Oster gentle, a stress-free nail trimmer, is the second-best option in the nail grinder. It contains a plastic safety guard that ensures you do not trim too deep.  

Its powerful 2-speed switch allows you to effectively trim nails of all breeds of dog. Oster paw grinder comes with a cordless battery which allows one-handed operation.

Another helpful feature that this dog nail grinder offers is its removable plastic sheath. It catches the dust that produces during trimming if you cover it during trimming.


  • Adjustable safety guard shield quicks of dog.
  • Comes with two speed that helps to groom different breeds


  • Sometimes it does not prove helpful for trimming the large nails of bigger dogs.

4. Casfuy Dog nail grinder

Its high-speed and low-noise motor makes it a good choice for your paws. Casfuy is supplied with led lights that light up the toes so you can see the location of your dog quickly and trim the nails safely.

The grinder has adjustable switches for low and high speed and has three grinding ports for taking down the nails of small to large dogs. Its powerful sander allows the trimming of thick nails effectively. 

Like the Oster and Dremel dog nail grinder, it is a cordless tool that operates with the power of a rechargeable battery. Its battery can hold a charge for a minimum of two to a maximum of four hours.


  • Fitted with the whisper-quiet technology and hence produce low sound.
  • Contain three grinding ports and 2-speed switches for all sizes of dogs.


  • Grinding nail with casfuy take time.

5. Casifor Dog nail grinder

Casifor is equipped with a diamond bit grind that helps in trimming your paws nail effectively. The uniqueness of the casifor is its speed regulator. 

It does not have a 2-speed switch; rather, it comes with a speed regulator, so you can adjust the speed according to the thickness of the nail.

The cordless casifor dog nail grinder has a rechargeable battery with a long battery time. It can work for 10 hours unstoppably, so you do not need to charge it over and over again.


  • Cost-effective
  • Long battery life


  • Little noisy 

6. FURminator Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats

If your paws have a dark nail, the FURmintor is the best option for you. It efficiently grinds the dog nail within a few hours and produces a smooth nail, so it does not snap the cloth.

The feature that makes it different from others is its antibacterial plastic that promotes a healthy coat. Its antibacterial nature eliminates the chances of sore pads that sometimes occur after nail trimming.

This nail grinder is supplied with an LED light to illuminate your nail pups during trimming.


  • Lightweight, healthy choice
  • Contain two replaceable grinding ports.


  • Suggested to use for small dogs, ineffective for trimming hard nails.

7. Conair Pro Dog Nail grinder

Conair is a lightweight, powerful, and compact grinder that safely trims the nail. It has two changeable sanders that allow you to use it for all sizes of dogs. 

Its motor is powerful but rather less noisy. Conair is a corded grinder and does not contain a rechargeable battery. It has a protective cover for safe trimming that can be adjusted as needed. 


  • Comes up with four different grinding bands.
  • Supplied with a powerful motor so it can trim strong nails also.


  • Does not have a rechargeable battery.

Wrapping up

From all the dog nail grinders that are reviewed here, our top pick is the Lucky tail pet nail grinder. It is the most efficient, painless, and safest grinder that has two high and low-speed motors. It has a diamond bit grinder that can trim even harder nails.

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