4 DIY Pet Grooming Tips To Keep Your Pooches Clean And Healthy

When we talk about pet grooming, we are discussing dogs by default. Why? Because felines are self-groomers. Yes, they do need a trim once in a while but other than that, you won’t have to worry about your kitties’ fur hygiene as they are probably more cleanliness freaks than even humans.

Dogs, on the other hand, are more playful (never miss rolling in a muddy pool) along with being lazy when it comes to washing their fur. It is crucial for the pet parents to take apropos care to maintain their coat’s health but not all can afford to bring their pets to grooming salons, right?

Personally, I have never preferred salons for my pooch! It is like sending your kid to a third-party caretaker just to get him/her washed and bathed. Sounds appalling, right?

I choose to groom my dog at home, and believe me; it is fun! More than fun, pet grooming can give you a sense of satisfaction of spending some time with your furry pals which, otherwise, is hard amidst jobs and relationships and stuff. You too can try grooming your pooch at home using the following DIY tips:

5 Pet-Grooming Tips To Make The Session Fun And Easier

1. Keep Your Pets Calm; Use Treats As Motivational Asset

Keep Your Pets Calm

Your priority as a pet parent is to keep your fur babies as comfortable as possible. Some dogs may like water while some may not; so make sure to create a friendly atmosphere to keep them calm.

Using treats as a motivator could make things work faster. If you have never done this before, it is better to start slow. If you are bathing your pooch today, keep nail-trimming for the next day. Plan the session as per your pet’s mood.

If your canine gets overly anxious, treats with a little CBD in it are really popular currently to beat the grooming blues! There are brands that focus on CBD-infused pet grooming products making.

2. Brushing Should Be A Routine And Not Just A Session

brushing pet

While bathing pets have to be a quarterly or monthly affair, brushing your pet’s fur has to be a routine. Accumulation of dead skin under the fur could affect the quality and health of your pet’s coat.

Dermatitis and other skin diseases are likely to cause trouble for your pets if you don’t make brushing your furry friend a regular cleansing regime. Brushing removes excess hairs from the coat, distributes skin oils evenly, and lessens the probability of you stepping on a wet hairball!

3. Same Bed Is Great But The Same Shampoo Is Not

getting a dog shampoo from a pet grooming store

Sleeping on the same bed as your pooch is nothing less than therapy for pet parents. But the same can’t be said about shampoos! If for any reason, you think that you can use the same body shampoo as yours for pets, you are wrong!

Human skin and dog’s coat have different pH values. Our shampoos are formulated considering the suitable pH of our skin. Thus, getting a dog shampoo from a pet grooming store is the best thing to do. Study your pet’s coat closely. If it’s excessively itchy or greasy, ask your vet to suggest a fitting shampoo.

4. Nail Trimming Not Only Needs Pet’s Patience But Also Yours

Dog nail trimming

Trimming your pet’s nails is one of the relevant parts of grooming. However, most of the pet parents are petrified of the process. And why not; dogs don’t allow us to touch their paws that easily, right?

Your attempt to keep your pooch’s paw for as long as you cut your nails and your pet’s attempt to withdraw his paw as soon as possible nullifies each other. Here are some tips that could make the job easier:

  • Use only clippers to trim
  • Overly anxious pets will need the external support of anti-anxiety pills or CBD oil to keep them calm
  • Make sure the nails are big enough to have a comfortable trimming session
  • The pink area visible in the white nail is called ‘quick’. You must avoid going too close to safeguard the quick
  • Use treats to encourage your pets
  • Start slow and see if your pooch takes it well before going for all nails

Doable, right? The above-mentioned DIY pet grooming tips are on-point for all those looking to start grooming their pets at home. If you feel that the fur has become too large to handle, you could book an appointment with a professional groomer just to give a likable shape to the fur!

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