Do Dogs Eat Homework?

“Teacher, I had no idea that my dog ate the homework behind my back”

I bet the teacher felt sympathetic towards your lazy excuse and wept tears of heartache to pardon the sins of your 7 lives. I think not!!!!

Do Dogs Eat Homework?

Why would a sane almost docile being, go out of their way to eat your paper. Just, so you can get an excuse? The idea of pets digesting your assignment or your paper is ludicrous, this is a lame excuse at best. Or is it?

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Can Dogs Eat Homework?

Dogs can shred and eat paper. That’s not impossible to imagine that your dog can rip it if it felt like so or tempted to do it. The question is why do they do it and how often can you expect them to do so. In such a case how can we do my math homework for me or who can do my accounting homework with such a paper “shark” around? Well, the first thing is to understand why, and then what are the dangers of such behavior. Finally, how to stop this behavior.

Why Do They Behave Like So?

Dogs like any other animal are guided by innate wanting to act in a certain way. This beast-like behavior is present in most wild and domesticated animals alike. Although this sense is dulled for the latter due to centuries of control and domestication by humans. This is called the “Primal instinct”. Each animal is driven to act in a certain way for a set of situations because of that. It guides an animal to act according to this situation. Often in times of danger or when hunting prey, this is activated.

What Does This Instinct Or Whatever, Have To Do With Your Homework?

Well, when any animal is curious or bored, they tend to try and understand the situation in their way. Dogs don’t have arms, so they resort to using their teeth to grab anything. This results in them trying to find out what a paper is that you wrote on. There is also a huge possibility that your odor rubs on the paper or assigned work. This causes the animal to get attracted to the paper and in-turn your work takes a beating. But that’s just one possibility.

Often being alone can lead to a dog being anxious, this causes separation anxiety. While they will often just act depressed or anxious. Often, they destroy objects around the home in a very weird way to cope.

Destructive Fun

Because these dog’s ancestors were savage and wild in the past. Some of that savage behavior is still present in their DNA. For them ripping into paper or clothes is a satisfactory action. Often leading them to go into a primal frenzy. Destroying every last bit of that object and anything similar. This is similar to us finding enjoyment doing something mindless. This is the most visible in puppies.

Are Papers Dangerous To A Dog’s Stomachs?

Papers are fibers and tissues alike. These are non-digestible in general. Dogs when ripping paper can swallow them. This is not an issue if they don’t eat it often. But if the dog gets addicted to ripping papers and tissues, that can be a health hazard. Paper can cause constipation and blockage of the intestine. This is very bad not just because it will cause severe pain to the dog but also it will need emergency surgery to remove the paper if it’s stuck inside.

There is sometimes a need for us to use many different stationaries that use harmful chemicals to give some intended use for our needs. This might include ink erasing fluid, highlighter, the ink itself, colors, paint among many others. This can cause severe food poisoning to dogs.

How To Stop Dogs From Ingesting Papers?

The worst part about the dogs eating the papers is that you don’t have anything to show for in your next class. This excuse will also be dismissed.


The first way to stop your dog from eating the papers is to stop them from reaching it. By keeping your papers in your bag after you finish your work. Also, by keeping it high up out of their reach. Also, by using trash cans with foldable lids. But beware, they are intelligent and can open the lids by imitating us.

Secondly, keep the assignment that uses some sort of chemical-based work like highlighting and ink erasing fluids out of the garbage cans. This is a general hazard to the dog and even residue can cause serious harm to it.

Attitude Adjustment And Disciplining

The most effective way to keep your dog from ruining its health and your days is by teaching them not to eat it in the first place. 

Teach your dog to stay away from the paper and reward it from keeping that distance. Avoid scolding or raging if they do so. The bigger reaction you give the bigger desire they will have to do more of it. Engage in a healthy routine of telling to stay away from your workplace/writing table or wherever you write and keep those papers. Tell them to sit or back away when you are working. Close your door if that’s possible to block it out.

Alternative Treatments

One of the positive ways is to encourage it to do something else and divert its attention completely from your homework. Play with your dog on a healthy basis. Take it to walks and don’t skip it. Spend time with them and pet them. Often the case is that you are the only family they have. Write your homework while it’s lying beside you, and give attention to it from time to time. Reward it for being such a good dog.

Our Conclusion

It’s quite easy to keep dogs away from your belongings in multiple ways to avoid a further hassle down the road. It takes a responsible person to make everything alright and remember to avoid being lazy.

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