How to Train Your Dog to Play Nice With Children and Babies

Training a dog to play nice with your kids begins when a parent wants to become a dog owner or when the dog owner wants to become a parent. Childproofing their dog will be as vital as training it in your home.

Train Your Dog to Play Nice With Children and Babies

A lot of dog owners have come to testify that a dog is always known to be a man’s best friend. this is very true. The only way to prove this is to closely observe the relationship that the dogs have with any human being. They all make a fascinating combination and a firm bond.

However, before this happens, you have to strictly your dog to play nicely with your kids. Below are some helpful ways on how to train them more carefully.

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Socialize your little ones

Just like kids, the habit that the dog forms is best molded during their initial years. As from 8 to 15 weeks, your puppy will start developing some crucial characters that will shape their future selves. Being the puppy owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that puppy encounters as many people or children as possible, mostly your family members.

This will prepare your dog for what is to happen in the future. But if you want to train an adult dog, know that it is very possible but it won’t be easy. Nonetheless, preparing your adult dog will happen in a very gradual way than training a little dog.

However, if you are having difficulties in purchasing the right dog for your family, you can visit canine weekly for the best dog breed for your kids also.

Respect your dog’s feelings

It happens that your puppy doesn’t like children, be ready to respect that. Never force your dog to approach your kids but instead let that happen naturally without you forcing it. But if you affect your puppy to approach your kid, the puppy will form some bitterness towards your kids, and we all know that is the last thing you want to happen.

Use positive reinforcement

One of the best ways you can train your dog to act right around your kids is by boosting it positively. Be ready to encourage perfect behavior from your pet, mostly with treats, praise, and attention. Do it often enough so that your dog will get used to it and start connecting with your children.

As soon as this happens, your puppy will automatically start playing nice with your kids.

Use crate training

When there is an escape route, your puppy will tend to do better around your kids. If you crate train your puppy in that they will always feel happy whenever they are in that crate, they will form a habit of escaping to it whenever they feel the need or when they want to hide in a safe place.

Also, make sure to train your kid that the crate is a no go zone for them.

Take your pet to the local park

A lot of kids usually like visiting a local park, and the only way to make your puppy get used to kids is to take it to the park to see as many kids as possible. Keep the puppy on a rein and observe from afar at first and understand their behavior.

If the puppy starts acting weirdly, this means the pup is not exposed to any kid, and the sudden exposure will intimidate them. This is a wrong move since your puppy may form some bitterness towards them, and we all don’t want this.

Act like a child

Both kids and adults behave in a very different manner. Be ready to change and act like a child for a while. Do this by running around with the puppy, make exaggerated gestures, and also shout more often. It will be of importance since it will help the dog be more comfortable around you and your kids.

Train your dog not to jump up

Not every person is comfortable with a puppy jumping up and down mostly if it is a visitor. Don’t assume that everyone is comfortable with a friendly dog as you and your family are. A lot of dog owners make this mistake while training their dogs.

Your puppy could knock a child down. Be firm and train your puppy that it is not a good behavior to jump up.


Training your dog to play nice with your children is a very tricky business to accomplish, but it is crucial. Even if you are not planning on having kids any time soon, some visitors will show up with their kids or even in those public places.

It is very satisfying to know that your puppy knows how to behave with kids when appropriately trained.

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