What Should You Do If Your Dog is Acting Weird?

When you feel stressed, anxious, or just sick, you will go to your doggo friend for warmth and comfort. You can even talk your heart out to them, and they will sit there listening to every word with occasional loving nips. But this does not happen the other way around.

My dog is acting weird

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Just like babies, if your dog is not feeling well, they cannot come and tell you about it. All they can do is show signs. You must have an excellent eye to sense your dog acting weird in the initial stages. But why do they exhibit such behavior?

A few researchers surveyed 13,000 pups across 14 breeds and mixed dogs. The study showed that,

  • 72% of dogs showed aggression & fearfulness.
  • 32% were triggered by noise.
  • 26% were scared of fireworks.
  • 17% were scared of other dogs.
  • 15% of the dogs were scared of strangers.

If your dog is not acting normal, it can be for many reasons like illness, stress, and fear. These behaviors can sometimes freak you out. At such a time, you should maintain your calm and try to figure out what to do next. 

Here is what you must do if you feel or sense your dog acting weird and abnormal. 

Signs Your Dog May Be Sick

Calm Down and Observe

The most important thing is identifying these changes in behavior in the very early stages. You should recognize the common dog illness symptoms to render them help when needed. Pay attention to even subtle changes and signs as your dogs are better than you in hiding pains and aches.

Find Out their Triggers

Different dogs have different triggers that can push them to the edge. As said above, the triggers can include noise, fireworks, meeting strangers, other new dogs, and facing new situations. 

You would have even seen your dog acting weird after relocating to a new house. In these situations, even if you provide your best support, they may take time to adjust and go back to their old self. 

But if your dog’s triggers are something that can be avoided, like loud noise or fireworks, try your best to limit exposing them to such situations.

Extra Care for New Pups

If you have adopted a new pup recently, you would see this behavior at large compared to the other dogs at your house. When a puppy finds a new home, it will take an average of 2 to 4 months to adapt to the house and people. Give the puppy space and a chance to form that connection. 

Keep Them Happy

Many families adopt or buy dogs without the right mindset or preparation. There are high chances of dogs that grow up in such homes to act weird. So if you have a dog, the only thing you should keep in mind is, keep them stress-free and happy.

Anxiety in dogs can be intermittent or chronic. If they get exposed to too much stress and anxiety, they can start to be aggressive. Find out and eliminate the stressor to keep them happy.

If you notice your dog acting weird, keep your calm and call your vet for a discussion. It is always better to be precautious and safe than sorry. Don’t let your friend down.

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