Christmas Home Safety Tips for Dog Owners

As we all know, the annual Christmas season is approaching and we’re definitely excited for another round of fun and merriness. But there’s a constant worry among dog owners on home safety and dog care. that’s why we have simplified a bunch of dog care tips for you guys!

Christmas Home Safety Tips for Dog Owners

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Some of the common house decorations during the festive season are dangerous for your dog. Avoid placing real, fire-lit candles around the house as your dog might just accidentally burn your entire house down.

Mistletoes are cute and pleasant to see as a decoration, but dog owners have to understand that they are poisonous and harmful for the canids. Dog care is a little difficult as you have to take into account their allergies and dangerous substances they have to avoid. Consider buying artificial plants or any others that are harmless for your dogs.

You also have to avoid getting any fragile or breakable decorations as these might injure your dog when they’re playing around the house. Anything like a snow globe or glass ornaments are definitely unsafe to place anywhere around your pets, so try getting proper decorations with much safer materials.
Christmas lights are a must during this special season and that’s why you have to be thoughtful of how you manage your wiring. Any additional lights or machines in the house adds a risk to your dog being either electrocuted or tied up in the bunch of wires, so make sure they’re all well organized and protected.
All of the tips above apply to your Christmas gift for your dog. No real fire, no glass objects and basically anything that has the potential to harm your dog. Try searching for safe dog toys and Christmas gifts so you won’t struggle in getting a great gift for your pet.


Christmas is almost always equivalent to the fireplace season and we all know they are dangerous for our pets. Keep your fireplace guarded with a small fence or anything that blocks your dog from playing around the area.
Home safety is quite tough to maintain as places like the store or the kitchen has harmful tools and equipment for your pets. Keep the doors shut when you’re not monitoring or install a little block to make sure your pet isn’t snooping around the dangerous area.
Your Christmas tree might not seem like a dangerous part of the house but we can just imagine the consequences if your dog ends up knocking off the huge decoration in your house. Once again, try blocking the area and securing the tree so it doesn’t harm anyone including your pet. Your Christmas gift for a dog should be safely placed and away from dangerous objects.


There are a lot of snacks that we eat every day but are not mindful of how they are dangerous for our dogs. Chocolates are one of the main snacks that are compulsory during Christmas but are extremely unhealthy for dogs. Keep the chocolates away in a safe container so your curious pets won’t feed on them.
Avoid leaving alcohol where it is accessible to your dog as dogs get alcohol poisoning after drinking them. There has been a lot of cases where careless dog owners leave their alcohols out in the open and weren’t there to monitor their pets. Always remember to keep them away and store your alcohols in a safe and secure spot.
Prepare doggy treats for your pet so they don’t wander around the house, potentially feeding on harmful snacks. Make sure you’re always monitoring your dog and what they’re munching on.
A Christmas gift for a dog can be dog treats and you will always have to check whether they’re safe for them or not. Make sure the treats are free from poisonous or toxic ingredients.

Home safety for dogs is difficult as you always have to take it in as a factor during celebrations and festivals. Dog care is one of the most discussed topics among pet owners and it is clear that we have to take a few additional steps to avoid harm. But as long as you follow these tips, your Christmas would feel just as cheerful and bright as any other!

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