How To Ensure Your Pets Have A Great Holiday

It’s that time of year when the presence are being wrapped, the tree is going, and food is being cooked, it’s most wonderful time of year, Christmas!

While we love the holidays it is important to understand that our furry friends do as well, there are boxes to play in and decorations to enjoy. However, what looks colorful and good to eat can also cause serious problems for your pet. Here are 12 things you’ll want to remember during this Christmas season to ensure your pets enjoy it as well.

Christmas Trees

One of the best things about the holiday season is having a live pine or fir tree in the house. While these trees look quite majestic inside the house, they can cause problems for your pets. Fir trees contain an oil that can be mildly toxic which can cause upset stomachs, as well as needles that may get stuck in your pets throat or paw. If possible, try to close off any doors to the tree as well sweep up needles on a regular basis.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights that twinkle and dangle are a tempting chew treat for pets. Try to keep them out of reach as well as turning them off when you leave your pets unattended.

Christmas Wrap

It is best to keep your doors shut while you are wrapping presents or you may find yourself in battle with your cat over the ribbons. Also, it is not uncommon to find your puppy running away with that gorgeous bow. While it may seem cute, these items are a serious choking hazard.

Christmas Decorations

Bells, bulbs and tinsel that hang from your Christmas tree become irresistible play toys for the pet in your house. While it is quite easy for your tree to begin to mysteriously lose its ornaments, they can be quite dangerous to your pet if they become broken or swallowed.

Dangerous Treats

The scent of the turkey cooking for hours in the kitchen is just as irresistible to our pets as it is to us. It is best to keep all food out of your pets reach as you cannot blame them if it is left unattended. However, this is not simply about protecting your Christmas dinner. Many of the of the foods that we enjoy during Christmas can be serious health hazards to your pet. If you wish to give your pet a threat, get pet specific treats – discount pet supplies mean these can be provided at a great low cost and keep your pet happy.

Christmas Plants

Mistletoe, poinsettias and holly are all traditional Christmas favorites that help to bring festive cheer and color to the house. However, these gorgeous plants come with various levels of toxicity, with side effects all dependent on how much has been consumed. It is best to display these plants for out of the reach of your pets.


With Christmas typically comes colder months where there is a serious need for antifreeze, which is quite alluring to our four-legged friends. This chemical is highly toxic as well as being fatal to our pets, ensure that all spills are cleaned up and keep bottles far out of reach.

Christmas Ornaments

What would the holidays be without special Christmas ornaments? Keep in mind that your pets typical area is being filled with these festive objects and they may easily confuse them for pet toys which can be knocked over, swallowed, or broken.

Crowded Houses

As the holidays approach, it typically means that the house becomes much more crowded with family and friends. It is important to remember that it can be stressful and scary for your pets with so many new faces. It is best to provide your pet with a quiet room where they can easily escape to if it gets too stressful. Also, try to maintain your pets regular routines by feeding and exercising them normally as to not upset them.

Comforts Of Home

As the temperature drops in the snow begins to fall, it is essential that your pet has somewhere safe and warm to sleep. If your pet stays outdoors, it is essential that their living quarters are waterproof and warm during the colder months. However, it is essential that your pets are brought indoors during the coldest of the months.


A crackling fire is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the winter months. However, it is important to watch an open fireplace as your pet may get too close to the flames. In addition, you may want to keep festive candles out of the reach of your pets to avoid any potential accidents.

Holiday Blues

With the coming of the holidays it is typical for many families to try to escape on a well deserved holiday. However, if you do leave try not to leave your pet alone for too long as our pets enjoy our company and the festive fun as much as we do. Take the time to spend with them during these winter months, it is a great opportunity sit down and play some great pet games. If you do plan on a holiday stay without your pet, you may want to read our guide for more information. This will ensure that your pet enjoys the holidays as much as you do this year!

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