Questions To Ask Before Buying Cavoodles

Also called Cavapoos, Cavoodles are one of the most adorable dog breeds to own as pets. Bred originally in Australia, they are a crossbreed between the lovable miniature or toy poodle and the gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are small in size and have an excellent lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

One of the best things about a Cavoodle is that it has a very low-shedding coat. So, grooming this breed is a hassle-free exercise. Owing to its friendly, happy nature, it is an incredibly popular choice among families with kids.

So, if you’re considering buying one of these charming little dogs, take a look at some of the critical things you need to ask yourself first.

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Are they friendly dogs?

Cavoodles are very friendly, gentle, adorably goofy, and playful dogs that rarely attack anyone out of aggression. While they will readily mingle with new dogs and people, they tend to keep most of their affection reserved for their owners. 

Also, being a non-aggressive breed, a Cavoodle can get along well with children of all ages. However, it is still vital to monitor the surroundings if the children are too young. That’s because they may pull the dog, squeeze it too hard, or pick it up and drop it. This may result in defense bites, invariably changing the dog’s attitude and behavior towards children in general.

The calm temperament and high intelligence of Cavoodles allow them to interact with strangers and other dogs without any qualms. So, if you have plans to buy just one dog, ensure to take it to the dog park to make some friends. Otherwise, it could cause loneliness in them.

What are their grooming and exercise requirements?

Cavoodles have high energy and need a regular exercise routine, just like all other dog breeds. They enjoy running around, playing fetch, and other interactive sessions with their owners. In fact, exercise is a two-way street that helps dogs as well as their owners. Studies claim that taking their dogs out for a walk can help elderly owners lead healthier lives.

Is it ideal to keep them in small apartments?

Their versatility and adaptability make Cavoodles a popular choice for families in all kinds of settings. They are social dogs that prioritize human companionship over living conditions. They love being indoors and may, sometimes, stress out if they are left outdoors for too long. They can get comfortable in an apartment, a condo, a large house, or even a country lifestyle. So, you can rest assured that your Cavoodle will adjust well no matter what kind of a house you have.

What kind of medical care do such dogs need?

While Cavoodles are typically tough little dogs, they are prone to some hereditary diseases as their parent breeds. These include congenital heart problems, hip dysplasia, retinal atrophy, and dislocation of knees, among other conditions. But regular visits to the veterinarian can help monitor your mutt for these ailments. Also, some vaccinations can keep your dog healthier and boost its immune system.

Another key point to remember is that Cavoodles are prone to gaining weight if allowed to do so. Therefore, ensure your puppy gets enough exercise for its overall fitness.

They smell and shed very little

Cavoodles shed surprisingly less, if at all. Not only is this fabulous news for those who dread cleaning dog hair, but this is also excellent news for pet enthusiasts who are allergic to vast amounts of dog hair. They can let their cavoodles roll around on the couch, all over the carpet, and anywhere else in the house without worrying about having to grab the vacuum cleaner every single time.

They are also typically low-odor dogs but need regular cleaning sessions. If you feel a persistent odor coming from your dog, it could be the sign of a skin condition. You should get it examined by a veterinarian immediately.

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