How to Adapt to Apartment Living With A Dog

There’s nothing in the world like the love you get from a dog. But having a pup is no small task. From the walks to the monthly shots to training and so on, we all know dogs are not the easiest pets to keep. This is especially true when you’ve got to keep your puppy in an apartment.

Apartment living poses some unique challenges for dog owners. Below we’ve addressed some of the common concerns for dog owners who live in apartment buildings. Read on to learn about some potential solutions for your puppy problems in such a small space.

Noise Complaints

In an apartment building, your dog may become an issue when it comes to noise levels. While lovable, dogs are often disruptive to neighbours. If your neighbours complain, this could lead to big problems for you. That’s why it’s best to address noise issues with your dogs head-on.

If training doesn’t keep your dog from barking while you’re away, you might consider the medical procedure of debarking. Debarking is a less common medical procedure for dogs that affects their vocal cords.

You can find a comprehensive guide to debarking at If this is the right fit for you, talk to your vet to get some details about the specifics of the procedure for your dog.

No matter what you choose, noise levels are an issue that you must address.

Quick Relief

Sometimes as dogs get older or when you’re just starting to potty train your dog, they need to pee before they can get down the stairs. Despite their best efforts, a senior dog might not have the faculties to hold it in. A puppy just might not have the control yet, especially if you live on the top floor of your building. That’s when you need a solution for quick relief in your apartment.

Two common ways to address a dog who can’t hold it in are puppy pads, and doggy diapers:

  • Puppy pads, on the other hand, are disposable pads you put on the floor. A dog can use them, and after that, you simply toss away the whole absorbent pad into the garbage and lay down a new one.
  • Doggy diapers are a great solution for older dogs who may not realize they are releasing. Doggy diapers are just what they sound like, diapers for a dog. They are usually made of cloth and are washable.

Each method has its pros and cons. When you choose, consider things like the smell, environmental impact, as well as the ability of your dog to hold their bladder.

Space To Roam

In a small apartment, dogs will get bored. It is a small space with not much to explore. That’s why it is important to provide enrichment for your animal so they don’t act out.

Enrichment is a term often used in zoos. It essentially means providing stimulation for animals so they don’t get bored, and it often involves introducing novel things into their environment.

Basically, introduce new objects, and activities to your dog alongside long walks will help them avoid bad behaviour. This could be something as simple as a new toy, or walking down a different street for a week.

If your dog lacks space, then providing different stimulation will help alleviate the burden of a smaller house during the day.

Think of What is Best For Your Dog

All in all, dogs are wonderful creatures and we need to care for them with their environment in mind. Having a dog in an apartment is totally possible; just make sure you are doing what you can to make their life easier.

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