Benefits of Giving Health Supplement to Your German Shepherd Dog

To many families, German Shepherds are more than just a pet. They’re our friends, our companions, and a large part of our family. We don’t want them to be “healthy enough,” but instead, we want them to experience vibrant health and long-lasting energy. 

best supplements for German shepherds

Nutritional supplementation for German Shepherds is a key factor in whole-body health. But which supplement? Store shelves are packed with a variety of joint supplements, generic “health” supplements, and the like. The only choice for your companion is a breed-specific health supplement for dogs, and here are the top three reasons why.

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Holistic Health for the Whole Dog

Yes, German Shepherds should take a joint supplement, but while glucosamine is a key ingredient for joint health, there’s more to the picture. A quality health supplement for German Shepherds should address all the health concerns of the dog. A health supplement that works from the inside out is what you would choose for your own health, so why not choose the same for your valued pup? 

Breed-specific health supplements not only offer glucosamine in easy-to-take chews but have other key ingredients like turmeric, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid to promote healthy eyes, skin, and coat.

Quality Ingredients at a Fair Price

And speaking of quality health supplementation, what dog wants to take (or even will!) a bunch of liquids or pills? And what owner wants to pay for all that or fight with their dog day in and day out to coax them into taking it? By combining the necessary nutritional supplements into a treat like a soft chew, supplements for German Shepherds can be an economical choice that allows you to feel good about supplementing. Let’s face it; vet bills can be expensive. Look for formulas carefully blended under the watchful eye of the NASC regulatory board, a group of expert veterinarians, and even scientists who test for both safety and efficacy. 

Nothing Extra: Only the Good Stuff in a Dog Health Supplement

There are some health supplements for dogs that claim to address the whole dog, but these are generic in scope. You want only the ingredients that benefit your own breed, not a bunch of extra fillers that may be either ineffective or even dangerous to the health of your dog. With a breed-specific dog health supplement, your companion gets only the quality ingredients that are beneficial to them and in the perfect amounts required for optimal efficacy. 

Dog Health Supplements with Choices

We’ve touched on the fact that German Shepherd’s need extra joint and eye support, but what about a German Shepherd that experiences storm anxiety or motion sickness? For this problem, some brands offer a supplement for German Shepherds that contains a calming ingredient. If your pup is one who could use an extra dose of calmness, a health supplement with calming support might be just what your German Shepherd needs. 

Don’t waste time picking through all of the junk brand supplements on the market. Help your German Shepherd to start living their best life today by supplementing their healthy diet with a high-quality breed-specific supplement for dogs!

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