How to Choose Best Dog Food for German Shepherds

Nowadays, when it comes to the most popular large dog breeds, we have to mention to the German Shepherds. As puppies, they are very adorable. But, it’s not easy to keep them grow up healthy for many owners. The diet is one of the most important things decide this. As a pet owner, you surely want to care for your furry friend in the best way. That’s why we’re here to help you learn how to choose the best German Shepherds. Also, we give you a list of the top rated foods on the market today. Keep reading this post to learn about them.

Choose the proper Puppy Food

It’s vital to choose the right food for your puppy because of several reasons. Also like the human, each of them requires a certain balance of nutrition. In fact, many dog foods weren’t tested before shipped out. You need to give your dog a diet with calories. This factor is essential for the energy replenishment. The fact is that each dog breed will show a specific type of activity. Don’t forget to consider the size of your current dog. It’s easy to see that a German shepherd will grow bigger than a Chihuahua. This is also one of the main reasons why there is available a lot of kind of dog food for buyers. You also need to think about the size of the kibble. It’s great to choose larger shaped kibble once you want to buy foods for a large dog breed. If you choose these foods for smaller dogs, they will get difficulty in chewing as well as digesting. Last, remember to pay attention to the label as a friend in order to check the ingredients of the food before making your buying decision.

What to seek for in Dog Food for German Shepherds

First, you need to give your puppy German Shepherd a diet with at least 22% of protein. It’s best to avoid buying cheap food with poor protein. As mentioned above, you can know a lot about the food before buying through its label. In addition, it’s also essential to look for different approvals from official organizations. We suggest you check with your vet on a regular basis. He will give you more insurance in the dog food you choose. Your vet also let you know the right nutritional need as well as caloric requirements of your dog.

To determine the right number of calories you need to give your German Shepherd, think about many factors as metabolism levels, age, energy expenditure, and physical injuries as well.

High Protein

This is actually the most important factor in a dog diet, just like other dog breeds. In fact, you need to give an adult German Shepherd a diet with 18% protein. As discussed above, a German Shepherd puppy requires at least 22% protein in their daily diet. Actually, not all dog foods offer the same protein. When choosing the food for your German Shepherd, it’s best to look for ones with high-quality protein sources. You should choose dog foods with beef, lamb, and chicken listed in their ingredients. You know, fish is one of the best foods for most dogs. But, it’s not a good choice for German Shepherd.

Healthy Fats

This is also an important factor for your German Shepherd. They are necessary for the improvement of your dog’s coat condition. In general, you need to provide an adult German Shepherd with 5% fat levels in his diet. A German Shepherd puppy requires 8% fat levels in their diet. There are some good sources of fat such as animal fat, vegetable oil, as well as flaxseed. Healthy fats are vital for keeping your dog be energetic. Also, they are beneficial for your dog’s coat and skin’s quality. When looking for foods with healthy fats, you also should avoid choosing ones with fish oil because they are not good for your German Shepherd.

Complex Carbohydrates

Another important factor when it comes to foods for German Shepherd is carbohydrates. It’s best to add the complex carbohydrates into your dog’s diet. There are some carbohydrate sources as fruits and vegetables. Indeed, you can find ingredients like green beans, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

How to Feed Your German Shepherd Pup

There are many issues when you don’t know how to feed a dog, especially for new pet owners. Indeed, they have difficulty when determining when they need to feed their dog. It’s best to give your dog 3 to 4 small meals a day. By this way, you can prevent your pup from vomiting. Until your pup is around half a year old, he needs to be fed twice a day.  For a German Shepherd, they can be able to grow quickly. We recommend you to feed your pet kibble because of many reasons. In fact, these foods are good for your dog’s teeth. Moreover, you can also keep these foods longer than canned foods. However, when feeding your dog these foods, don’t forget to give him a lot of water for additional moisture.

Difference between German Shepherd and other Pups

Of course, you understand your dog better than others. Know as an active dog, the German Shepherd has become a popular breed. They require a great source of energy. As a dog owner, you need to let your dog grow to his full size. That’s why it’s important to choose the right dog food for your German Shepherd. It may be a challenge to care for a German shepherd during their beginning stage of life.


When choosing the best food for your German Shepherd, we advise you to choose the Hill’s Science Diet. It ensures to give your dog the most benefit. This food is available in lots of protein as well as other ingredients. Then, you can keep your dog grow up health. When buying for a dog food, it’s best to choose ones with a good flavor. More importantly, try your best to make sure your dog gets enough carbohydrate and fat in his diet. Only by this, your dog can be energetic all day long.

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