Humans are Trying CBD Products. What About Your Dog?

CBD products are currently producing a torrent of interest on the internet. There are CBD creams to put on sore skin or over where joints are causing pain, CBD oil, and other delivery methods for people to benefit from the health effects.

CBD oil for dogs

What about your dog? Is it a good idea to give your tail-wagging happy pooch CBD made expressly for pets?

How Is CBD for Dogs Different to Human Products?

Dogs are smaller in size – especially the pocket varieties, such as the Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terriers, and other small sized breeds. While the smaller dogs certainly have well-earned reputations for getting their voices heard, they wouldn’t be suitable for adult CBD supplements because they’re not formulated correctly for them.

The total dosage and amount of both THC and CBD in each pill or drop needs to be significantly less to make up for their small bodies. Indeed, specialist producers of CBD pet supplements like Canna Companion make a point of carefully producing each of their Canna Companion products. They know dogs are more sensitive than humans and need exacting standards for supplements to ensure they benefit properly from them.

What Benefits Can a Dog Receive from CBD Supplements?

CBD supplements for dogs are helpful for their digestion because it improves the functionality of their GI tract.

Their mobility is also a key issue, especially as they get older. Getting around can become as difficult for them as with someone in their 70s who has arthritic knees and finds it hard to get up and down from their chair. Similarly, senior dogs and those that get arthritis earlier in their life need extra care. CBD supplements have been found to reduce joint paint and assist a dog to be more active.

Because they’re usually in less pain, they’re happier. A dog is also less anxious because just like humans when in pain, we’re irritable! The same goes for dogs. A four-legged friend in pain is not going to be happy left alone in the house and will show their displeasure with it at times. Supplements help to calm them to improve their overall demeanor. You can buy CBD dog treats for your dogs to make them healthy and happy.

Things to Look Out for with CBD for Dogs Supplements

Find a reputable producer. Their products should have no soy, be free from GMO, have no added sugar or wheat either, and probably no corn too.

Obviously, no cruelty to other animals in the production of the supplement is important to pet owners too. Producers will mark their products and literature as “cruelty-free” if that’s the case. That’s as important to pet owners as an organic label is for healthy eaters.

What’s the Delivery Form Factor?

There’s the typical pill version which can be taken with food. But also, there are other delivery form factors for dogs that don’t do well with tablets. It’s up to the owner to pick the right one based on other supplements and previous medicine that their dog has taken happily before.

CBD supplements for dogs are seeing excellent results. Why not look more into them to see if it’s something your dog should be receiving regularly?

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