4 Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Ten years ago, a raw food diet for pets was practically unheard of- but now that society is becoming more health-conscious, many people’s thoughts have turned to their pet’s diet. We love our pets just like we love our children, and ultimately, we want them to live the happiest, most fulfilling lives. It goes without saying that what we eat has a direct impact on our bodies, which in turn affects our happiness.

raw diet food for dogs

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A raw food diet consists of raw meat, offal, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and vitamin and mineral supplements which intends to mirror the type of food that a dog’s ancestors would have eaten. While you can make your own meals for your dog, it’s often better to buy the raw items from a website that specializes in pet food Australia so that you can be sure that a dog is getting all of its essential vitamins and minerals. A diet of raw meat alone isn’t enough- a dog needs to be consuming a healthy mix of raw foods in order to not end up with any deficiencies.

With more and more stories shining a negative light onto manufactured pet food, you may be looking

for an alternative. A dog’s body was designed to survive off raw meat, fruit, and veg, so it makes sense that this type of diet is becoming popular with pet owners who truly want what’s best for their dog. To help you decide if a raw food diet is right for your dog, here are four benefits of a raw food diet:

1. Improved Digestion

The most noticeable effect of a raw food diet is that it can transform your dog’s digestion. A dog’s body works best with a high protein, meat-based diet, and as manufactured pet foods are often made up of meats mixed with grains and carbs, a dog’s body will struggle with digesting this.

Many commercial products also contain alternative proteins that are often used as a cheaper option to bulk up the food, making the product a much lower cost. However, these alternative proteins are much harder for a dog’s body to process than animal-based proteins, so buying lower-cost food could come at a price.

Does your dog seem uncomfortable or in pain after eating a meal? Have you tried everything from switching up their mealtimes to buying them bowls to help them eat slower to no avail? Poor digestion can cause stomach pains, excess gas, acid reflux, and even vomiting in dogs, and it can be a direct result of feeding your dog manufactured food. These are all things that you’ll be happy to say goodbye to when switching to a raw food diet.

2. Sleek, Shiny Coat and a Healthier Oral Cavity

Have you ever touched a dog whose fur feels impossibly soft? It may be down to their diet! A dog’s

skin and fur condition is a great indicator of overall health, so the softer and shinier your dog’s fur, the more likely they are to be in good health. Many skin conditions are caused by lack of nutrients, excess inflammation, or an allergic reaction to a particular ingredient. But the problem is, when you’re

feeding your dog manufactured foods that contain a whole host of different ingredients, it can be impossible to determine what is causing the reaction.

With a raw food diet, you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog- and since this is the diet of their ancestors, it’s highly unlikely that they will react negatively to anything they are given. Since their dietary needs are fully taken care of, you will find that a dog’s skin and coat will naturally become healthier, resulting in that just-visited-the-groomers shine.

A healthy diet also goes hand-in-hand with healthy teeth and gums, and you will probably notice that your dog’s breath is a lot less smelly than it used to be. A raw food diet consists of lots of chewy meat, which helps to keep a dog’s teeth clean. The chlorophyll found in many dog-safe vegetables also acts as an internal deodorizer, which will make a huge improvement to your dog’s breath.

3. You Will Know Exactly What Your Dog is Eating

Raise your hand if you can confidently list exactly what ingredients are in your dog’s store-bought food. It’s okay if you can’t- commercial pet food often has so many ingredients with names you’ve never heard of before, making it impossible to know what’s good for your dog and what isn’t.

With a raw food diet, you will know exactly what your dog is eating every day. Stores like The Pet Shop Boyz only source fresh, local ingredients, and it is always clear to see what you’ll be buying. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it also means that if the unlikely happens and your dog does end up having some digestive issues, then you have only a small number of foods to investigate.

4. You Will Save Money

Feeding your raw dog food minimizes the potential for illness- and while a raw food diet is considerably more expensive than stocking up on processed pet food, the health benefits of this diet will help you to save money in the long term. Skin conditions, problems with the teeth and gums, digestive issues, and inflammation can all be linked to an unhealthy diet, and with many commercial products containing ingredients that aren’t good for dogs, it might be time to make the switch.

Vet bills are one of the biggest expenses when owning a dog, but with a raw food diet, you will find yourself spending a lot less time at the vets, saving you hundreds in the long run. Aside from saving money, it’s also nice to know that your dog is fit, healthy, and happy. Nobody likes it when their pet is ill- and while some illnesses are out of your control, the responsibility of your dog’s diet is ultimately in your hands.

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