Behavioral Changes in Dogs That May Indicate Ear Infection

An ear infection is common among dogs, especially if you don’t groom them well. Remember that they might love playing around.

When they’re outdoors, they might encounter several potential pathogens, including the causes of ear infections. 

dog ear problem

There are different reasons for having an ear infection. It can be due to yeast overgrowth. It can also be a result of bacterial infection. It’s also possible for foreign bodies to enter the dog’s ears. Regardless, this infection can be painful and will alter your dog’s life.

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The infection could happen in the outer, middle, and inner ear. The most problematic is the inner ear infection since it might lead to death. If the infection worsens, it will weaken the central nervous system. Therefore, when you notice these behavioral changes and symptoms in your dog, you need to do something right away.

Watery Eyes

Some dogs have watery eyes. It’s quite common. However, if your dog has watery eyes and not something you usually observe, there could be something wrong. The ear infection might be painful, and it leads to this issue 

Head-Shaking and Tilting

The ear infection can be disorienting and annoying. Some dogs can’t take the pain and decide to keep shaking their heads. It’s their way of somehow making themselves feel better. If this behavioral change continually happens, it could be alarming. 

Ear Scratching

Dogs usually scratch their ears. It’s a way of removing an irritant. However, if it happens more frequently and aggressively, it could be an issue. It’s even worse when you start seeing your dogs scratching their heads on rough surfaces. It can be on furniture, blankets, or bedding. Constantly scratching its ears might make it difficult for your dog to live everyday life.

Difficulty Chewing and Swallowing Food

One of the reasons why ear infections can be deadly is that your dog might have difficulty chewing and swallowing food. The lack of appetite could eventually cause death. It also feels the same for human beings. If you have an ear infection, it’s painful to chew your food. You will start to lose your appetite. 

There are Home Remedies Available

When your dog starts to suffer from an ear infection, there’s no need to panic. There are home remedies that can solve the problem. Green tea and oil of oregano are among the best options. They’re organic and won’t harm your dog. You can also use apple cider vinegar. It could help prevent the regular scratching of the ears. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide since it’s a strong chemical that might irritate your dog even more. If the problem doesn’t go away despite your effort to treat it, it might be time to see a veterinarian. You need an expert to help in solving the problem before it’s too late. Again, simple ear infections can be fatal. You don’t know the reason behind it, and the only way to be certain is by going to the veterinarian. 

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