Common Dog Behavior Problems and What You Can Do?

Owning a dog is not a simple task. It takes responsibility and patience. Aside from that, each dog has its own unique traits and personality, and because of that, sometimes they inevitably exhibit good or bad behavior.

behavior problem in dog
Behavior problem in dog

On their best behavior, even dogs may show behaviors that you may not like, which is perfectly normal since they don’t have a sense of morality. They basically depend on what you teach them to do or not to do.

A good rule of thumb for any wrong behavior that your dog has done discipline them right away.

Correct them so that they stop it as soon as possible because the more you prolong it the more they’re going to repeat the act.

Let them know that it’s wrong. Dogs are one of the smartest animals, and they catch on pretty easily if you just make it clear to them.

Another good tip is to keep your dog occupied and busy. Leaving them bored with nothing allows them to do mischievous or wrong deeds.

Provide your dog with daily exercise and entertainment. Make sure to give them enough activity.

Activities are also good for your furbaby since it can be a form of exercise for them. It can prevent muscle, bone, or joint sickness. In addition to this, giving your beloved pet liquid glucosamine for dogs can help them avoid arthritis, keeping them mobile and active.

Furthermore, activities can tire them, allowing them to just rest and sleep when you’re not giving them attention or when you’re busy doing something else.

Here are the most common behavior problem in dog and solutions for those problems:


Signs of aggression can be found in little things, too, not just when dogs are full on attack mode.

Some behaviors that show aggression may include the smallest thing, such as your dog standing up to guard his or her toy or dog bowl when you try to reach for it or when your dog tends to fight or bark at every dog you pass by when you take him or her out for a walk.

Some signs of aggression might lead to something worse someday if not fixed.

For example, your dog biting you when you reach his or her favorite toy or when you reach his or her food bowl.

What can you do? Set limits. When your dog tends to be aggressive to other dogs when you take them for a walk, take them home. Only reward positive behavior.

Although setting limits may cause more aggression.

Barking and Whining

Barking is normal, but sometimes dogs do it uncontrollably. Prevent excessive barking by teaching them early on how to bark in command.

And, of course, how to stop barking in command. Every time they bark, say the word “speak” or “bark”.

Teaching them how to stop barking teaches them to stop barking with the words “quiet” or even by shushing them.

Give them a treat if they bark when you say the command and when they stop barking so that they can associate it with good behavior.


This can be not very pleasant, but like I said, owning a dog takes patience.

An example of this is when your dog forces you to give them food while you’re eating. What you can do is when it’s time for you to eat.

Make them go to their crate to know that you are not to be disturbed when you’re eating.

Another way to stop your dog from begging for food is to only give them their meals at specific times. So that they know that they’re not allowed to eat when it’s not their eating time.


One of the most common problems that give really damaging expensive results. Seeing an object that your dog chews up is like seeing your money go down the drain.

But all dogs need to chew. The problem is that they chew the wrong things sometimes. So what you can do is provide them with things to chew on, such as dog toys.

This will somehow prevent them from chewing everything in your house. It is important that you find a toy that he or she likes, so they don’t just abandon it and 

continue to chew everything that you own.


Digging is another habit that is perfectly normal behavior for dogs. But who wants to see their lawn or backyard all messed up?

What can you do? Knowing that it’s a normal habit for them if you can’t beat them, join them. If you can, provide a space in your backyard where they can dig.

Encourage your dog to only dig in that spot. Teach your dog to praise him when he digs in that spot. You can also provide a sandbox for your dog if you really don’t want them to ruin the actual soil. 

Digging indoors is also a thing. This is when dogs scratch the floor or carpet or sofa. Sometimes this could mean that they are bored or anxious.

That’s why always remember to keep your dogs busy with their toys or activities.

Jumping up

This is a good reason to teach your dog how to sit. Dogs have the tendency to jump on people because they get really excited.

So teach your dog how to sit and stay, so they are able to be calm in times like when someone rings the doorbell or knocks then comes in the door.

To teach your dog how to sit. Put him or her on a leash, then ask someone to help you train your dog.

Allow the person to come in the door, then ask your dog to sit. Be sure that he does, and then give him or her a treat.

Do this over and over again so that your dog associates to word sit as a command. If you’re feeling confident, allow your dog in a gathering with a few people to test him or her.

However, do it with a leash still. Then give him or her a treat if he or she complies with your command. If your dog does not comply, turn back and ignore him or her.

Of course, if any of these behaviors worsen or you don’t stop doing it, don’t hesitate to seek assistance or help from a professional trainer.

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