Types Of Training Collars For Dogs | Which Type Should You Choose

The dog collar is a material piece that can be put around a dog’s neck, and this is mainly used for identification, protection, and fashion.

The different collars available for dogs are flat collar, head collar, dog harnesses, prong or pinch collar, slip collar, and Martingale. Of course, each has slightly different features and usages that suit different dogs.

Types Of Training Collars For Dogs
Types Of Training Collars For Dogs

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While measuring the length of the collar, a little measurement has to be taken in extra for breathing. The usual collars can hurt a dog’s neck if you pull hard on the leash or if the dog is pulled around.

The Four Main Types of

You can find various types of training collars for dogs like Shock collars, Prong chains, Nylon collars, Choke chains, and e-collars. There are many online pet stores like Amazon, PetSmart, Target, and Petco to sell collars.

Dogs feel happier in wearing a collar than harnesses because collars do not cause any damage to the fur and the neck of the dog. It is an important requirement for dogs to wear a collar in public for security purposes.

#1. Shock collars

The shock collar is one of the training collars, which are also called electronic collars. In this, the radio-controlled electronic device is incorporated into the dog collar through which electrical stimulation of varying intensity is passed to a dog’s neck.

In this, tone or vibration setting is included in the collar for identifying the dog when it gets lost. It also has the features like Internet mapping capabilities and GPS to locate the dog or alert for his owner.

These collars were very high-powered, and also, many modern versions have been introduced which are capable of delivering very low levels of shock. It is now readily available everywhere and in many applications, including obedience training, pet containment, military, police, and in-service training.

These collars are available for other animals domestic dogs. Electrical shock can be characterized in terms of voltage, current, pulse rate, and duration. Only the electric shocks of the order of 20000 to 25000 volts are applied in the shock collar, which does not provide any physical damage to the dogs.

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#2. Nylon collars

Nylon collars are leather collar which is very safe for the dog, and it also gives a friendly feel to the skin of the dog. This nylon collar is a durable material that stands long-lasting when it is properly maintained. But, once it gets in contact with water, it easily breaks down.

Nylon material generally tolerates humidity and moisture better than leather. There is a wonderful thing about this collar the nylon collar can be washed using a washing machine.

And also, washing can be done along with the hands. While washing collar by hands, the collar should be sunk only in mild detergent, or dish soap should be used. The main thing is that after both the washes, drying of the collar must be done soon so that it can survive for years.

#3. Prong collars

Prong collars are stainless steel collars that are much protected for the dogs when properly tied. It is a perfect training collar, where the hurting of dogs is very low. Before using the collar, the dogs must be properly trained.

These collars are typically even nicer to prevent hair matting, and it stays more comfortable. These collars are so comfy, and hence dogs are not bothered for a long time wearing. You can easily adjust the collar according to your dogs’ neck size.

One of the clear advantages of prong collars is that they can last very long if you know how to properly take care of them. If you have a German Shepherd or Pitbull, the prong collar can be a good choice for your dog.

#4. Flat buckle collars

These are the dog’s standard everyday collar which provides an easy way to attach visual identification for the dogs. In this, there is a 1 to 2 fingers gap available between the dog’s neck and the collar while fitting.

These types of collars enable to attach ID, rabies tags, and a leash. The flat should fit correctly, which means the flat collar should not be so tight. This is very effective when the dogs are taken into training for remote areas.

The main attraction of this kind of collar is that it’s colourful and allows you to attach tags or leashes to it. However, the flat buckle collars can be dangerous, especially when several dogs are playing together, because the collar may cause choking.

#5. Anti-bark Collars

The main purpose of anti-bark collars is to reduce dog barking to the minimum. Usually, those collars have an intelligent barking sensor chip integrated into them so that the collar can recognize the bark signature of your dog.

Each bark collar has different levels of vibration modes that are also referred to as shock stimulation levels. Normally, a bark collar has 3 types of stimulation, including shock, vibrate and beep.

Another important feature to consider is the sensitivity level of the barking collars. A normal collar will have 5 to 10 sensitivity levels that allow you to adjust depending on your needs.

Lastly, there are many brands available to choose from; for example, the recently popular brands include DogRook, NBJU, AHJDL, PetSafe, Garmin, and more. Each of them has different pricing, but generally, the price is not more than $50.


So, the above are the 5 major types of dog collars that many dog lovers widely use. Which type you choose depends on the individual preferences, so choose it wisely. Else, you also can visit https://petpum.com for more information.

After all, a training collar for a dog is generally more comfortable and provides great security, but you should be chosen correctly and tied on the dog’s neck properly. Collars are inexpensive, strong, and durable, which are their main advantages.

You should use the proper type of training collar for your dog as some collars are more durable and suitable for large dogs while others are not. A good training collar can definitely ease the training of your love pet.

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