5 Tips To Take Care Of A Dog With A Sensitive Stomach

Stomach problems are common in dogs and can be caused by eating bad food, eating too much, allergies, viruses or bacteria, as well as stress or anxiety. In these cases, it is essential to give your dog clean, fresh water and adequate food, as well as a good amount of fibres to maintain a pooch lively and happy.

dog Sensitive Stomach
Dog Sensitive Stomach

Make sure that your dog avoids binge eating and controls the daily food intake in several portions.

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Prevention is important to protect the dog from suffering gastrointestinal problems. However, five simple guidelines can help you take good care of your best friend’s stomach:

1. Clean and Fresh Water

The dog must always have clean, fresh water at its disposal, especially when it is hot. The old water and any leftovers are a source of infections. As it comes to the temperature of the water, it should be moderate as the cold water can cause an upset stomach. Be careful, though, because dehydration can increase the likelihood of an upset stomach as well.

2. Offer an Adequate and Balanced Diet

The diet should be adequate and balanced according to the age, size of your dog and also its physical condition. The combination of dry food and meat is not recommended, because an excess of protein needs to be digested that this affects the adequate ratio of fibre intake, which improves the canine’s digestive stomach system.

3. Include the Right Amount of Fiber in Your Pooch’s Diet

The fibre is essential for your canine. The vet is the one who should recommend the amount of the fibre intake, as well as the most appropriate diet. However, there is a variety of dry foods and some are specifically for a delicate stomach, they are very digestive and offer an extra amount of fibre.

4. Avoid Bingeing

Many dogs are greedy and swallow too large pieces of food, which can block their digestive system and create serious digestive problems. Therefore, it is recommended that the pooch eats dry food and it’s the right size for your dog’s breed.

5. The Right Daily Intake

The daily amount of food that you give to your dog is always important. The right portions are specified on the package and you should follow the guidelines.  If you have any doubts about it, your vet can advise about the most appropriate daily intake.

According to Juan Antonio Aguado, a vet and professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid, the daily intake must be divided into three parts. If the dog should eat 600 grams of dry food every day, this portion would be divided into three portions of 200 grams each.

Dog Obesity and Health Problems

Canine obesity is not recommended in any case. Overweight should be avoided, because it causes circulatory problems, affects the organs, such as the liver, and causes diarrhea if the dog eats more food than necessary.

Dogs have a very sensitive stomach and could be difficult to change their diet.  Therefore, unless recommended by the veterinarian, it is not recommended to introduce any changes. On the other hand, there are some breeds as the Golden Retriever that devour everything they find in their way. This could be garbage, food, and even papers or small containers they collect on the street.

The ingestion of garbage or waste is detrimental to the health of the dog, because it can cause serious gastrointestinal problems. It is necessary to prevent your dog from swallowing such waste and especially in the case of a dog which is prone to stomach problems.

The veterinarian Juan Antonio Aguado explains that dogs can swallow the most unexpected objects, such as a belt or underwear, and some dogs can eat even stones, fabrics and other objects, but still they don’t suffer from serious stomach problems. As you can see, every case is specific, but you should be aware of problems and avoid them at any cost.

Lack of Appetite

The lack of appetite could be due to various causes, both physical and psychological. It is likely that a sick or depressed pooch will temporarily lose his appetite. However, if the dog stops eating for a few days, it should drink at least water to avoid dehydration. The loss of appetite is a bad signal if the dog does not gradually recover it over after some days. I strongly recommend you to reach out to your vet for advice.

Greedy Dog

If you have several dogs at home, it is recommended to place separate recipients for them to eat all at the same time. Thus, you avoid that eat fast, because they think that others will take away their food. If a dog eats very fast, the food is not digested properly, because it doesn’t chew it well. You should serve the food when there is no hurry and your dog can take their time to eat properly.

Dog Poisoning

Dogs can be poisoned because of the intake (or contact) of various substances. The most common are the pesticides, plants and medicines. The symptoms of intoxication are vomiting and diarrhea, so if they are detected, you should go to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Golden and Simple Tips for Dogs with a Sensitive Stomach

  • Avoid binge eating.
  • Fresh and clean water available for the dog at any time.
  • Control your dog’s weight.
  • Do not allow the dog to swallow anything on the street.
  • Be careful with poisonous and toxic substances.
  • Consult with the vet in regards to the type of food which is most suitable for your friend, as well as the recommended daily allowance.

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