Useful Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe When You’re Busy

Do you have a fantastic home-based job and a lovely dog but struggle to manage both simultaneously? If yes, keep reading!

How To Keep Dog From Being Bored When Home Alone
How To Keep Dog From Being Bored When Home Alone

Taking care of a pet with a full-time job is a real challenge, but it’s not impossible with some helpful tips. We encourage our readers to never leave their dog alone at home; however, you can perform your regular tasks by keeping him busy with some healthy activities. This guide offers some useful tips to keep your dog safe when you are busy. Let’s get started!

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Buy Pet Steps

If your pet likes to be up high, give it a safe way to get up and down. For example, your dog’s joints might hurt if he jumps on and off your bed a lot. So, buying pet steps or ramps is good to help your furry friend get safely onto the bed or couch.

Provide Some Entertainment

When you’re not home or busy with your work, your pet may start to look for other ways, such as chewing to keep itself busy until you get back. If your pooch loves chewing, you can buy some pet-friendly chewing toys that are good for their teeth. 

Get your dog stuffed toys to keep him occupied, and always pick safe dog toys so you can have peace of mind if they’re playing alone. 

Puzzle toys are another good idea to keep your pet active. You can train them how to solve the puzzle, and the best thing is these toys will keep your furry friend occupied for at least 20 minutes. You can also play music by leaving the TV on or using a speaker to play soothing sounds.

Put a Collar on Your Dog

If your dog wears a collar, they won’t be mistaken for a stray if they get out of your yard. Putting a collar on your dog’s neck is especially helpful if you have to go somewhere, leaving him alone at home. 

In case your pet runs away, a collar should have your contact details so the people who find your pooch can reach you. These details should include the dog’s name, your name, your phone number, and your address. This way, the person who finds your furry friend can easily return them to you.

Stay Away from Suffocation Dangers

Dogs love playing with snack bags, but they are very dangerous. If your dog’s face gets into one of these bags, it might not be able to take a breath due to air blockage. So always dispose of empty chips or snack bags safely so your dog can’t get to them.

Get a Pet Sitter

pet sitter
How To Keep Dog From Being Bored When Home Alone

If you’re going to be away from home for a long time during the day, you might want to hire a pet sitter. It’s a great way to keep your dog on a healthy schedule and reduce the stress it might feel. If you live in Brisbane, Australia, you’re in luck, as there are many dog sitters and walkers you can hire. When looking for specific dog walking Brisbane services, it’s best to narrow down exactly what you want in your search. There are many package deals if you want your dog to have playdates with group walks or just some mental stimulation with a dog trainer.  

Your dog’s daily routine plays a vital role in keeping them healthy and happy. A good routine can help your dog perform well, especially if you aren’t there or busy with your work. So, try to keep your pet’s schedule the same even if yours changes. To ensure your hound feels safe and secure, keep their routine as stable and steady as possible with the same eating times and walking breaks every day.

Provide Heat Protection

Some breeds can’t stay healthy in hot weather. Regardless of the breed, you should be very careful in the summer season. Make sure they’re living in comfortable temperatures. Don’t take your dog out during the day if the heat is scorching hot as the ground may burn its paws. Remember to always leave your pet plenty of water to drink.

Get Parasite Repellent

Parasites and other bugs, like ticks, are common in dogs and can affect a dog’s health. So, if you find your little dog restless, check his coat and don’t hesitate to consult your vet.

You shouldn’t panic if you spot a tick – these are common, especially if your dog has been playing with other dogs or laying on grass – you do, however, need to address it right away to avoid them spreading. You can get help from your vet as they can take care of it for you or introduce you to methods you can take. As a pet parent, you must have an insect repellent safe for pets.

Keep your furry friend clean by giving him a bath as often as the breed needs. But if you don’t have time to do it like you used to, you can get help from a pet grooming expert.

Put up a Surveillance Camera

Having a security camera is extremely important if you have to leave your dog alone for some time because it’s hard to keep an eye on them at all times while working. 

But with continuous footage, you can see what your dog is doing when you’re not there. You can also use security cameras to keep an eye on other people in your home.

If you hire a pet sitter, you can use these cameras to keep an eye on things and make sure your pet is in good hands.

Even if someone breaks into your house, security cameras can alert you of intrusions, and you’ll be able to show the police the footage.

Keep Dangerous Household Items Out of Reach

Most dogs are curious, and some are smart enough to get into different places that they shouldn’t. When you aren’t looking, your dog may go under sinks, into garages, and other places in your home where you keep dangerous chemicals.

Make sure you don’t leave any dangerous items out when you’re not home. If your dog licks them, he or she could fall ill.

Secure Your Garden

Dogs are great at digging, jumping, and finding other ways to get away. If you have a garden where your pet can play, that’s wonderful, but you should be very careful if you have a plant that is poisonous to a dog. Make sure that your garden is properly fenced off and that the fences are sturdy and high so that your pet can’t jump over the gate. 

While on the subject of gardens, make sure to keep an eye out for plants that could hurt your dog. Does your backyard have lilies and azaleas? If so, you should get rid of them because if your pet eats them, they can harm your furry friend.

To be safe, you should always look up a plant’s toxicity when it comes to pets before adding it to your garden. It’s better to take precautions to keep your dog safe, especially since you won’t be around all the time.

Shut the Windows

When you leave your dog home alone, make sure it can’t get out of any open windows. Before you go to work, make sure all the windows are locked so that your pet can’t get out.

If you need to leave your windows open to let in air, make sure they are only opened a few inches while you’re away.

Scatter Treats on Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is the easiest way to keep your dog occupied. You can sit in front of the mat and scatter the snacks. Giving your pet treats is a great way to reward them or show them that this is a positive space. So to get them to love their snuffle mat, place treats on it, and you’ll find your pooch still playing there when you get back. 

Get Help from Your Family

Pet parents always need some help, and teenage children can give you a helping hand. They can spread dog food in puzzle toys and make your little friend happy when you are not around. In addition, children can give your dog basic training like how to play hide and seek and play other games. 

Find a Soft and Quiet Place

Make sure the dog area is cozy and quiet. If you work from home, you can place a dog bed near your desk. Of course, this is only possible if you have only one dog at home. Throw dog treats after regular intervals to keep your dog in their soft bed. A warm bed in winter can help your furry playmate fall asleep in no time. This is how you can encourage your dog to take a rest during daylight and stay healthy. 


Just like humans, physical activity is extremely important to keep your dog healthy. For example, you can take your lovely pet on a long walk before going to work; it will burn off any excess energy and help you reduce your pet’s stress. A tired dog is obedient and will settle down after any exercise, allowing you to focus on your tasks. 

Being a parent to a pet is the same as being a human parent. Most pet parents feel guilt while leaving their dogs at home, but the truth is, dogs don’t mind being alone for some time during the day if they’re in the right place and with the right people and toys. Your dog may cry initially if he sees you going out, but after a few moments, he’ll be okay and play normally. By following our tips, you can complete your tasks without worrying about your dog’s safety. 

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