Five Easy Steps to Promote Pet Wellness

Having a pet brings much enjoyment and fulfillment to your life, and few pet owners can remember what life was like before their beloved animal companion came into their lives. By far, one of the most popular pets to have is a dog. Canines demonstrate unconditional love and are a great source of companionship.

Pet Wellness

However, as much as a dog can look after you, it is a two-way street, according to Lively Therefore, you owe it to your canine companion to care for them too.

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What factors contribute to dog wellness?

Compared to other pets, dogs are relatively low maintenance, although they do require care and attention. This can be divided into five broad categories, which are nutrition, exercise, regular checkups, dental care, and grooming. Here is some important information about each:

Nutrition and the value of a balanced diet

Like humans, dogs have dietary requirements, and humans should go as far as possible to make sure they are met. While many people assume that dogs are totally carnivorous like their wild counterparts, this is not true. 

Canines need fruit and vegetables, especially grains, to balance their diet. They do not act as mere fillers for manufacturers to use instead of meat. Instead, they are a source of essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which a dog needs for overall wellness. 

Dog owners should check the contents of their preferred brand of dog food, whether kibble or wet food, to ensure that it contains the necessary ingredients.

However, like humans, dogs might not get enough vitamins and minerals from their daily diet. Therefore, a doggy supplement might keep Fido in peak condition as part of his diet. Lively Paw dog chews contain dietary essentials and complement the dietary intake your dog receives from their food.

Annual wellness checks

Although your dog might be as healthy as a horse, an annual checkup at the vet is recommended. Time it with vaccinations so that you cover everything during one visit. The vet will listen to your dog’s heart, take their temperature, examine the paws, eyes, and ears.

Report any unusual behavior or happenings that you might have noticed. For example, if a dog’s bowel movements, eating and drinking habits, or fitness levels have changed, this is something your vet should know. Once you provide symptoms, the vet can start a thorough examination and order the necessary tests to determine if something is wrong.

Dental care and how Livey Paws dog chews can help

Dental issues plague many dogs and have a significant impact on their overall health. A dog with decayed and painful teeth cannot eat their food, which leaves them painfully thin and unable to function normally. To ensure that your dog’s teeth are in good shape, make a dental checkup part of your annual wellness check.

Your vet might advise having your dog’s teeth cleaned. Where teeth have been severely damaged, an extraction might be necessary. Something that contributes to tooth decay is a poor diet. Food gets trapped between the teeth, leading to decay. 

Lively Paws dog chews help prevent tooth decay because as the dog chews the treat, food stuck between the teeth loosens and is released into the mouth.

Regular exercise

Dogs need exercise to keep them fit and healthy, much like their human owners. For those living in smaller spaces, this means taking your dog for a walk at least once a day. Many areas have dog parks where dogs can roam freely and play. However, ensure that your dog is sufficiently socialized for such an activity.

Walking your dog is as good for you as it is for them. Exercising alone is never fun, so having your furry friend as a workout partner might make the difference. Ensure your dog is securely on a leash, and make sure they drink enough water after exercising. Also, check your dog’s paws after a walk to ensure the pads have not been damaged. If your dog starts limping, consult the vet immediately.


Dogs need to be bathed and treated with anti-tick and flea measures to keep them safe from these parasites. Regular brushing keeps their coats shiny and prevents matting and knotting in longer-haired dogs.

For many dogs, grooming is their least favorite activity, so have Livey Paws dog chews on hand to give them a treat in exchange for their ‘cooperation.’ Having something else to nibble while you groom them leaves your hands free to get the job done.

Dogs train well with a system of rewards for correct behavior instead of punishment for poor behavior. One of the best ways to use this system is to use Livey Paws dog chews on those days that your four-legged friend behaves well or learns a new trick you have taught them.

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