Top 20 Best Dog Food Brands – A Comprehensive Review

It is important to consider various factors while choosing the type of food to give to your dogs from the various dogs’ food brands. Based on the ingredients, the food can be unsafe and unhealthy for the dogs. You should ensure that the type of food you choose is free of bad ingredients such as the chemical preservatives, coloring agents, and generic fats. The best dog food brand should have a low fat to protein ratio; not more than 75%, and average carbohydrates.

Have you been having problems in identifying the best dogs’ food brand for your lovely dogs? Well, we have a solution for you, to make sure that you have a variety of the best food for dogs that you can always choose to buy and trust that your dogs will obtain the best nutrients and be of good health all the time. I am going to analyze the top twenty best foods for dogs based on the important notes that I have mentioned.

Acana Dog Food

The Acana dog food brand contains four different types of dry foods: the grasslands, wild atlantic, meadowland, and the appalachian ranch. The Acana Regionals (USA) produces meat-based dry food for dogs, with the main protein sources coming from known meat and meat meals. The ingredients used ensure that the health of the dogs remains maintained at the highest levels possible to ensure that the dogs remain safe and healthy, with high immunity levels to fight diseases.

Horizon Legacy

The horizon legacy is featured to ensure that your puppies acquire the necessary nutrients for rapid growth. The brand boosts the immunity of your puppies giving them the ability to fend off diseases.

Hill’s Science Diet

The Hill’s Science Diet is a dog food brand that manufactures quality and nutritious food for your dog. The ingredients used ensure that the good health of your dog is highly maintained. The quality of the food also boosts the immunity of your dog, keeping it distant from diseases.


Orijen products are manufactured by the Champion Petfoods in Canada. The food is a grain-free type of dry food for dogs, containing high protein contents from whole meat ingredients. The natural fresh ingredients used lack the chemical preservatives while the protein is limited in calories for a healthy weight gain and reduced bone and joints stress in dogs.


The dog food brand manufactures different food types, rich in nutrients that all dogs require for the physical well-being and good health. It is free of coloring, preservatives and flavors.


The brand is made of high quality proteins, sourced from the USA natural chicken meals. The dog food brand is appropriate for dogs of all life stages, including those with allergies related to grains and gluten.


Merrick dog food brand makes grain-free dog food, rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins from fresh produce that promotes the growth and development of your puppies. The dog food brand ensures that your puppies acquire healthy metabolism as well as muscles.

Eagle Pack

The dog food brand is made in USA and contains all the desired nutrients for dogs at all life stages, as they are made from natural and fresh ingredients to eliminate the need for the chemical preservatives, colours or even the artificial flavorings.


The brand is manufactured from USA and is appropriate for use by dogs of all stages, as well as the grain sensitive dogs. This dog food brand features a good portion shredded chicken cooked with beans, carrots and potatoes.


The dogs food brand contains necessary nutrients for dogs in all life stages. The food contains no grain and gluten, and contains limited proteins content that reduces the chances of allergies in the pets.

Taste of the Wild

The brand comes from America and it contains quality protein content, fruits and vegetables, important for the healthy lifestyle in your pets.

Nature’s Logic

Nature’s Logic dog food brand makes the best nutrition for your pets. The various dog food products from this brand are good for dogs of all ages and sizes in the different life stages.


The dog food brand is based in California. The brand manufactures nutritious food for your pets, maintaining high levels of protein content to ensure that your dogs maintains the best health and good physical well-being.


Wysong dog food brand provides healthy pet foods with the necessary nutrients for the growth, and good health care for your pets. The dog food brand manufactures the food from the natural ingredients to eliminate the need for preservatives, and to ensure that your dogs are safe and healthy all the time.

Stella & Chewy’s

The brand manufactures different types of dog food for dogs of all stages. They maintain high levels of protein content, sourced from natural chicken and salmon meals. For a complete dinner for your dogs, the vitamins and minerals are added for a strong and healthy dog.


The primal dog food brand is featured to give you the best dog food quality that will meet the nutrient and health requirements of your dog’s body. The foods are suitable to dogs at all life stages, as well as those with skin problems and sensitive stomachs. The digestibility of the food is also excellent for any dog.


The Canidae recipes are made from natural products, maintaining the required proportions of proteins, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. The protein used is sourced from the chicken, fresh meat, and fish. They also make the grain-free products suitable for all dogs, including those with sensitive tummies and allergies. Sweet potatoes, vegetables and fruits are also among the ingredients that add to the nutrients of the Canidae products.

Nutro Ultra

The brand manufactures several recipes for your dog, ensuring that you can get food from them throughout the life of your dogs. They use different ingredients and proportions for different recipes, depending on the stage that the food is meant for and the nutrient requirement for that stage.


The brand manufactures high quality food products free of grains and glutens for your pets. The recipes are made from natural ingredients for the total health and strength of your dog.

Purina One

This dogs food brand is one of the best particularly in making food for the pets with skin problems and sensitive stomach. The salmon content in Purina pro plan improves the condition of your dog’s skin. The dog food is free of grains and gluten hence suitable for your dog even when your dogs are having allergies or tummy problems.

There is the great need to choose the best food for your dog for total health, good nutrition care as well as the physical well-being. It is advisable that you consider buying the dog food brands that are excellent in digestibility and excellent nutrient absorption.

The grain and gluten-free dog food are best in ensuring that you reduce the chances of your dog experiencing tummy problems, allergies and the sensitive skins for your dog. The ingredients used in every dog food brand differs in both quantity and types depending on the target stage and the necessary nutrients for your dog at that particular stage.

At the early stages of life where rapid growth for your dog is required, it is important to ensure the type of food you choose for your dog supports rapid growth and good health for your dog.


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