Rottweiler Breed Information & Characteristics

Rottweilers are stocky and hardy; their loyalty and forbearance show their dedication towards their owner’s wishes. From their history to their body characteristics, these dogs are built to be one of the most dependable dogs on this planet. To understand this dog better, you need to know the Rottweiler breed information and characteristics in-depth.

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The Rottweiler

There are many tidbits of important information that you need to know about the Rottweiler to start. These can be Health, build, behavior, and history of these dogs.


Rottweilers have a very militaristic history, which shaped them as they are today. They were first bred by the Roman Legions, who needed their armies to have the domesticated food stocks be herded and protected. And they chose the spawn of selectively bred dogs from Mastiff, which had bulkier and tougher builds.  

These dogs were then introduced to the German armies, and populace, which got them to be the base of many German dog breeds found today. After the Roman empire’s destruction, these dogs were out of commission. In the small town of Rottweil, they were used in pastures to herd and carry butcher’s carriages. Rottweilers also protected the herds ready to be sold from being robbed by bandits and thieves on the way to the market.

The invention of the steam engine and machinery-based locomotion meant Rottweilers lost their jobs again. But society deemed that this dog was far more useful still and drafted these dogs to be police and army companions. 

In the modern era, they are often found in the line of rescue and search work. They are admired by many and trusted by all.

Physical traits of Rottweiler

Rottweilers are juggernaut dogs. They can steam-roll over most other dog breeds similar to them, and even bigger dogs are often wary of attracting their ire.

Stature and life expectancy

Rottweilers differ in size when their gender is considered. An average male can grow 24 to 27 inches in height, and females usually are 22 to 25 inches in length. Weight has huge discrepancies, with males being around 95 to 135 pounds and females being 80 to 100 pounds at most.

Rottweilers have a very square-shaped body with many folds and wrinkles appearing around the neck and eyebrows at certain ages. Their stature is proud, and they can exude their power and stamina with great efficiency. 

This dog has a very compact muscular system; their agility is also a great factor in their builds. They are quite fast, as they were bred to herd animals. 

They often have folded triangular ears that droop down—almond eyes with a long and broad muzzle. 

They often live 9 to 10 years on average, giving them average life expectancy compared to other dog breeds. 

Coat and color

The coat size of a Rottweiler is short and nothing too special. The double coats texture is smooth to the touch and provides ample insulation from the elements. The rate of shedding of its fur is very average, meaning you have to brush it once every week or so to keep out any mess. 

The color of Rottweiler is most often black with blond/mahogany colored dots and marks around its body. The most notable marks are two circles appearing on top of the inner corner of the eyes. And some come with chest-colored blondish brown, and inner hindlegs coats are also colored similarly. 

The undercoat has a different color at times, with grey and tan appearing on some puppies. 

Behavior and Characteristics

The Rottweiler is a very confident, loyal, and headstrong dog. It’s an extremely caring dog for the type of breed it is. More often than not, it will cuddle and snuggle with its owner and sit on its laps. It is not a lazy dog by any means, but it can take up a sloth-like demeanor when given a chance. 

It has no fear to speak off and more often doesn’t care for strangers. It will behave as if there is no one unknown to it and give them the cold shoulder. For dogs with a bundle of energy in them, Rottweilers have a very calm and collected personality. 

They have good wits about them and make great companions to have about. This dog does not like to be pushed around and will be aggressive if made to do something that it doesn’t like. It is extremely protective of its family and puppies; It will attack if anyone threatens the owners and its children. 

They have a very good trait of observation before action, and this is very helpful for them to experience new things without freaking out. Any owner that loves disciplined and a solemn dog, then the Rottweiler is the dog to go for. 

Their ability to approach everything with a calm disposition lets them be perfect guard dogs. It can be aggressive when needed and keep its temper in check when possible. This makes them a favorite to many blue-collar jobs, and especially the army appreciated this dog a lot. 

Training and exercise

Rottweilers need to be well trained and shown how to be patient. They are not always born with a calm temperament. They need to be led in the right direction in most cases. Rottweilers have a great ability to adapt and can show significant results when trained from an early age. 

They need to be respected and cared for if you want them to listen to you. They need to be socialized when they are young to remove any prejudices in its heart towards smaller or weaker animals. 

A lot of people misunderstood this dog and made it banned in few countries because of it. An owner of this dog has to be responsible and train the dog dutifully without taking shortcuts for the best outcome.

It is a hardy dog and needs to be walked for 2 hours every day minimum. 

Health and genes

Rottweilers are not the most healthy breed of dogs, even if they are pure breeds. They often are plagued with diseases, genetic or otherwise. 

The most common diseases to harm these dogs are joint-related, like hip and elbow dysplasia. Serious diseases range from Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, hypothyroidism that is affected by the hormones from the thyroid glands. 

Allergies and panosteitis are common on puppies that are a few months old and affect them throughout their lives if not treated properly.  

Aortic stenosis is a heart disease that is also common among Rottweilers, and it makes it, so the heart needs to double or triple its work to provide the same amount of blood flow compared to a normal dog. This saps their energy and makes them susceptible to other diseases. 

Gastric dilatation-volvulus or (GDV) is a very serious and fatal disease that affects big and old Rottweilers that eat large amounts of food or water in a single meal. 


It’s best to adopt a Rottweiler from a shelter than buying even from a reputed seller. They get home, and you can save up quite a bit of money.

To Conclude

Rottweilers are a great example of what perfect dogs can look like. They deserve our unconditional respect and love.

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