5 Condo-Friendly Dog Breeds to Adopt in 2021

Living in a condo has its pros and cons. Due to limited living space, many dog lovers compromise their desire to get a dog as it can be challenging to find a dog suitable for condo living.

Besides, the location of your condo or the age of your neighbors can all become factors in determining what kind of dog suits your situation.

However, that should not be the case for all dog lovers living in condos.

Depending on your availability to take care of your furry friend, you can adopt a breed suitable for a condo environment.

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There are multiple low-energy and calm furry friends who do not bark as much as other breeds of guard dogs.

It all depends on what an individual owner can provide. Some people prefer a dog that can live quietly and happily in a smaller space without much attention.

For others, it might be a dog that can go out and be active with them on weekends without feeling cramped or unhappy during the workdays.

Despite what lots of people say, one thing is certain, the size of the place is not everything when it comes to dogs.

Whether you live in a condo or townhouse, you can always get a dog that will adapt well to your living conditions.

Here is a list of five dog breeds that are excellent for condo-type living.



This small furry ball of cloud is an excellent companion, ideal for a condo environment.

They love to perform and learn new tricks. Like most dogs, they respond well to positive reinforcement and treats.

They do not need too much room to occupy and are suitable for small space living.

Bichons are not known for barking, which is a real plus for condo dwellers.

One thing to keep in mind is this furry, floppy ear breed requires time for coat care. In addition, they need grooming, bathing, and trimming regularly.

Personality-wise, bichon frisé is considered a great all-around pet that is a playful yet gentle dog. Bichons get along well with other pets. They are generally considered very well with kids too.

Breed Details

HEIGHT: 10 to 12 inches

WEIGHT: 10 to 15 pounds

CHARACTERISTICS: companion dog; soft coat; colors include white, white and apricot, and white and cream.



This wrinkle face adorable breed is one of the most sought-after dog breeds, thanks to its aggressive appearance and heavy frame.

Bulldogs tend to be extremely easygoing, couch-friendly dogs who adjust well to less movement life like in condos.

This breed has a pretty low tolerance for activity, so daily walks or games are usually enough to make this breed take a nap. Bulldogs are generally loyal and jovial companions.

Personality-wise, they make fine watchdogs and generally get along well with other family pets. As a breed, they are people-oriented and have a gentle disposition towards the owners.

Generally, this dog breed can be loud breathers and tend to snore. Many bulldogs drool as well. They are moderate shedders, and their short coats require little grooming.

You have to be a bit careful about the wrinkles on their face. It should be wiped regularly to prevent skin infections.

Breed Details

HEIGHT: 14 to 15 inches

WEIGHT: 40 to 50 pounds

CHARACTERISTICS: Thick-set body; short face; colors include fawn, red, white, brindle, and more.



Basenji are light shredders and fall on the smaller side, weighing less than 25 pounds.

It has been described as having “catlike” personalities as they do a great deal of licking to groom and are quiet.

Basenjis are known for building strong affectionate bonding with their owners but not outgoing towards strangers.

Personality-wise, this breed does need to exercise as they have an active personality.

On the plus side, they can be an excellent company indoors and outdoors.

Basenjis are extremely easy to groom and are kept clean with a quick wipe with a cloth or brush once or twice weekly.

Breed Details

HEIGHT: 16 to 17 inches

WEIGHT: 20 to 25 pounds

CHARACTERISTICS: upright ears, small hound body frame, colors include, Chestnut red, black, black and tan, brindle, all with white feet, chest, and tail tip



Labrador retrievers are an excellent friendly dog breed. This breed is bred to work; they love to have jobs to do, particularly retrieving.

Labrador retrievers also serve as good rescue dogs as they respond well to training.

It is always good to adopt such rescue dogs since the dogs can always be trained with love and care.

Chewing can be a problem because the strong retrieve urge gives them an oral fixation.

So, it would help if you got your dog sturdy to-chew toys to keep them occupied.

Personality-wise, young Labradors are ranked among the highest in preference among dogs since they are brilliant and can adapt to any living situation.

Many dog lovers, particularly in the USA, desire to get silver labs, a beautiful but mysterious Labrador retriever dog breed.

If you need a push to exercise, this dog can be an ideal breed.

Breed Details

HEIGHT: 21 to 25 inches

WEIGHT: 60 to 75 pounds

CHARACTERISTICS: strong body and sturdy legs, floppy ears, bright, expressive eyes, colors include Black, yellow, chocolate and silver labs.



This cute rectangle shape breed is easily recognizable because of its distinct physical features.

The basset hound is a friendly, easygoing dog excellent with children.

They have floppy faces but have a low tendency to drool or snore.

Basset has laid-back energy that is not prone to bark or moves around, making it ideal for small spaces.

Personality-wise, the basset hound does not require everyday runs, but they should have a good long walk at least once daily to keep them fit.

Grooming is pretty quick and easy and involves just a swipe with a brush once or twice a week.

Breed Details

HEIGHT: 10 to 14 inches

WEIGHT: 40 to 50 pounds

CHARACTERISTICS: long body, Floppy ears, droopy eyes, colors include any recognized hound color or tri-color, red and white.

Well, these are five dog breeds that have characteristics suitable for the condo life. These breeds consist of both cute like a teddy bear and easy-to-groom breeds.

So go ahead and get the one you would like to adopt.

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