Preventing Dog Bites | How You can Calm Your Aggressive Dog

Your dog is part of the family. You can’t imagine life without them. You’ve had them since they were a puppy, or you’ve brought them into your lives as a rescue. You know everything there is to know about them, their personality, their favorite dog food, and where their tickle spot is. But, even though you’re familiar with every inch of your dog, their impulsive aggressive behavior might shock you.

Dogs become aggressive for lots of reasons. Perhaps they’re frightened, feeling intimidated, startled, or even injured. Maybe your child is pulling on their tail, or another dog has got them feeling defensive about their territory. Whatever the reasoning behind your dogs’ sudden aggression, it’s vital that you know how to calm them. 

You know your dog is a softie at heart, but if they bite someone, then it’s you that could be facing severe implications. If a dog has attacked you, you don’t know; then, you should consider contacting a lawyer dealing with dog bite cases in Lafayette as soon as possible. 

Here we’ll look at how you can calm your dog when it shows signs of aggression.

Stay Calm

It’s out of character, and you’re worried about the safety of the animal or person your dog is showing aggression towards – it’s easy to fly off the handle, raise your voice, and panic, but that’s the exact opposite of what you should do. If you suddenly shout and become aggressive yourself, then that could trigger your dog into an attack. Take a deep breath, and talk calmly to your dog.

Remove Them from the Situation

Putting distance between your dog and whatever is causing them to become aggressive is your next step. If you’re in the park and another dog is causing the issue, then place your dog back on its lead and calmly put distance between you. If the other dog is not on a lead, call out to the owner to get their dog under control. Even if you’re at home and the dog is suddenly showing aggression towards a visitor or a family member, attach their leash and guide them away from the situation.

If Your Dog is Displaying Aggression Towards You

It’s unsettling, to say the least, but if your dog is showing signs of aggression towards you, then you need to know what to do to prevent a full-blown attack. Staying out of danger is vital, so lower your gaze from theirs and relax your body. Avoid making any sudden movements like screaming or running. 

Understand Why Your Dog is Being Aggressive

Understanding your dogs’ aggression triggers can help prevent an attack. If they don’t like other people near their food bowl, then place it somewhere away from others. If your dog is defensive of your children whilst you’re at the park, ask your children to calm down and stop screaming! Consider installing gates throughout your home to put distance between your dog and potentially aggressive scenarios.

Final thought

If you’re worried about your dog’s aggressive behavior, consider reaching out to a dog behavior specialist for advice. 

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