How to Spot and Treat the Most Common Dog Ailments That Exist Today

Are you one of the millions of Americans who treat their pets like children? If so, then we know exactly how it feels when your beloved pet falls ill.

The good news is that there are cures for most dog ailments. The key to taking care of your pet is to know how to spot the most common dog conditions. If you notice some worrisome symptoms, then it’s time to do your research.

Once you identify what’s causing the problem, learn the solution. In 2021, you can begin and end your search online. Start your journey right here by learning some of the most common dog ailments below.

1. Kennel Cough

Does your dog keep coughing a lot? Are they sneezing, too? If so, then they could be suffering from kennel cough. Don’t panic over the name, though. This condition is like a human cold.

Your pet likely just needs some rest and relaxation for a week or two. If they seem to have a bad case, then you could consider getting antibiotics.

2. Flea and Tick Bites

Dogs that itch a lot likely suffer from flea and tick bites. This common dog ailment is treatable. First, start treating your pet with flea and tick preventative medication.

Next, give them a good soapy bath to rid them of any current fleas. Be sure to scrub down their bedding, too!

3. Broken Bones, Fractures, or Sprains

Have you noticed your pet limping around? Do they not seem as active as they once were? It may come as a shock, but your pet could be struggling with a broken bone!

Your pet can’t tell you when they’re hurting. Rather than alert you about the situation, they’ll attempt to downplay it. You may not even notice the injury until weeks after it happens.

You’ll need to take your pet to the vet for this ailment. They’ll need x-rays and a cast.

4. Separation Anxiety

Does your dog display behavioral symptoms every time they’re left home alone? Are they already potty trained yet relieve themselves by the door when you leave?

If so, they may be struggling with separation anxiety.

You can treat this condition with training techniques. You can learn more about those tactics online. If your pet has a severe case, then speak with your vet about your options for medication when you leave home.

Common Dog Ailments and How to Cure Them

Some of the most common dog ailments can cause alarming symptoms in your pet. Rather than panicking, do a little research to learn what’s going on.

In most situations, the solution is as easy as getting some over-the-counter medicine. At other times, you’ll need to train your dog or teach them coping mechanisms.

Like with all things, time and attention will help your pet grow. Keep giving them the best, and you’re sure to have a loyal friend for years to come. Are you looking for ways to pamper your pet? If so, be sure to check out some of our products before you go.

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