10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dog Fleas and Dog Itchy Skin

Dogs and fleas should not go together but unfortunately, sometimes they do. Fleas cause itchiness which forces dogs to get very uncomfortable as well as other types of issues that you would not want them to go through. However, there are 10 ways to get rid of these biting bugs and to heal your dog’s itchy skin. These methods are not to replace the veterinarian’s advice but can be a way to aid it.

1. Just Add Salt

Salt can be a great way to kill those biting bugs in your house. You simply spread the salt over your floor and carpets so that it can attack the fleas and their eggs for 10 to 12 hours. You can leave the salt overnight and in the morning take out the vacuum cleaner.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar as a Weapon

If you are feeling more adventurous and would like a more hands-on approach from a distance than grab a spray bottle, water, and apple cider vinegar (but white vinegar can work too). Fill the bottle with half (or 10 percent about that) with vinegar and top it up with water. Give it a good shake and spray around it around your house, your furniture and on your pets (avoiding their eyes, nose, and mouths- you can give them a bath afterward). This formula is said to kill adult fleas in about 10 minutes. Once that is all done you may want to perform a final step to cover everything and a flea bomb will do the trick. So, you may be asking: “but does flea bombing work?” and the answer is it can when it is used well. And finally…

3. Vacuuming is Your Friend

One of the simplest ways that you can decrease the chances of fleas running rapid in your dog’s house is to vacuum as often as you can. If you see that your dog has fleas then you should vacuum your floor, all the corners and maybe even your bed as well as the bed of your dog. It is advised to run the vacuum cleaner around your home two to three times a day. Every time you finish a section, empty out your bag/ container away from your house so that the fleas that did not die in the cleaner do not have a chance to come back inside.

4. Bedding in the Drier

Fleas like to, not only live on your dogs, but they can also be on their bedding, or even yours. That is why it would be a great idea to throw your and their bedding in the washing machine. After a full cycle, place the wet wash in the drier on a medium setting (if you are worried about the material) to a high setting (if you know your wash can handle it). Once that is finished you would be able to see the dead fleas in the lint catcher so give that a good clean.

5. Vitamin E on Their Skin

There can be a few ways that you can help decrease the itchy on your dog’s skin once all the fleas are gone. One of them is the massaging of Vitamin E on their bodies. This action can spread to other problem areas and they will like it.

6. Yogurt Snack

Certain foods can help with dog’s skin irritation. Feeding your pet a touch of low-fat yogurt in their diet can do many good things for them. It can improve their immune system and keep good bacteria in the intestines. This can fight off skin and ear infections creating a less itchy dog.

7. Bathing with Oatmeal

Bathing with/ in oatmeal is also good for their skin. Therefore, instead of adding it to their diet, you can add it to the shampoo or the warm bathwater. Make sure that it is finely ground so that it can be easy to spread around.

8. Cool Tea

If you do not have oatmeal but have teas (in particular Chamomile or Herbal) then you can use those to help relieve inflammation of their skin. You can make the tea and cool it down in the fridge. One way to apply is by using a spray bottle and the other is placing the cooled down tea in a bowl that your pet’s paws can soak in. The latter is helpful if they are biting on their pads.

9. Bath Time

Bathe your dog is a good, safe, and clean way to ease the itchy on their skin. It may not make their condition worst nor spread it but it is a great way to cool them down. Make sure you sure the right shampoo that can target itchy skin. However, if your dog is not a fan of water, you can bath them without using any. Dry shampoos can be naturally made by taking half to a whole cup of uncooked oatmeal and warming it up in the oven for five minutes. Grab a handful and place it on an old towel that you will rub on your dog’s fur and skin. You should target the area where it is the most scratch for them since this mixture exfoliates and removes dirt from their skin.

10. Brush, Brush, Brushing

One of the most overlooked aspects of dealing with their itchy skin is brushing. Doing this every day can help control and even get rid of problem areas. Plus, it can be a way to comfort them (preferable using a brush glove and pretend you are petting them.)

The above points are a few in a long list of others that you can do and try. But remember to check with your vet before you do anything. Plus, tackle the flea problem as soon as your dog starts scratching often before it gets worst.

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