3 Incredible Benefits of Adopting a Dog

You’ve probably heard the phrase “adopt, don’t shop” before, but what does it mean? There are approximately 6.3 million pets in U.S. shelters every year who would love nothing more than a warm home and a loving family to call their own.

benefits of adopting a dog
Benefits of adopting a dog

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Dogs in stores or from dog breeders are almost always purchased because they are typically purebred and almost always sold as highly coveted puppy breeds.

Dogs in shelters, however, are not assured adoption before they reach their maximum stay at a shelter. Over half of all dogs in a shelter are euthanized each year. This is our biggest deciding factor for adopting a dog as opposed to purchasing one.

Adoption is the way to go when getting a new pet. Read here to discover three incredible benefits of adopting a dog.

1. You Are Saving a Life

Depending on which rescue shelter they are in, you could be saving your future dog’s life. Dogs are most often euthanized in shelters if there is no room for them. They are also euthanized if they exceed the maximum number of weeks or months new dogs are allowed to stay.

Dogs may also be put down if they display aggression issues. We believe that most of these behavioral problems may be a result of stress from being in a cage all day, which is not a justifiable reason to put them down.

By rescuing a new dog, you may be saving them from kill shelters.

2. It’s More Affordable

Buying a new puppy from a breeder may cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Adopting a new dog from a shelter, however, costs as little as $100 for the spay/neuter fees and registration.

The more expensive purebreds also have more health issues than shelter mutts.

You can even adopt dogs online with sites such as petcurious.com, so you can search for the exact adoptable dog you want in any state.

3. Your Pet Will be Incredibly Loyal

In our experience, rescue dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners. We like to think that this is the dog’s way of thanking its owner for saving them from the depressing shelter environment.

Adopted dogs are usually the best guard dogs because they will protect their family and show them, unconditional love as best as they can.

The loyalty that your new rescue dog will show also gives you a great sense of humility. Adopting a dog is an absolutely rewarding experience, and you are guaranteed to make a new best friend in the process.

Adopting a Dog

Sites such as petcurious.com allow you to fall in love with an adoptable dog online before you even meet them. Shelters or third-party companies will usually have photos of adoptable dogs available online to make the adoption selection process as easy as possible.

Check out the rest of our blog to learn more information about adopting a dog!

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