Why You Should Consider Adopting A Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are very tame reptiles. Depending on where you get them, young bearded

dragons can be untamed. This is especially true if you get them from pet stores. However,

these reptiles are not known for aggressive behavior. And, if you are willing to put in the extra

work to tame the pet store-bearded dragon, you will surely not be disappointed. Below, you

will discover the advantages of owning a bearded dragon.

Easy To Maintain

Bearded dragons are extremely easy to maintain. A bath once three to four times a month is

all your bearded dragon will need. The only disadvantages of giving a bearded dragon a bath

are trying to get the water temperature and pH levels correct. You will need to invest in a pH

Digital tester to ensure accuracy. These devices are generally affordable, but if your budget does not support such an investment, you can always utilize pH test sticks instead.

Once you get accustomed to adjusting the pH and temperature of the water, you will find the

entire bathing process is not that difficult. Your bearded dragon will definitely appreciate your


Meal Diversity

Preparing foods for a bearded dragon is quick and easy. They are permitted to eat a broad

range of vegetables and fruits, as well as cockroaches, crickets and mealworms. Most pet

stores carry a moderate selection of foods for reptiles, and they are generally very affordable.

If you do not live in close proximity to a pet store, you can buy these foods from an online

vendor. The only disadvantage to buying online is the worms, roaches and crickets will not

survive very long in hot weather. So, the best time to order these foods from online is in the

late fall, spring and winter.

When it comes to the dietary needs of a bearded dragon, the reptile will need a diet of about

Sixty percent of plant foods and 40 percent insects. If you can manage this, then you will have a

very content, healthy bearded dragon.

Pretty Affordable

One of the best things about the breaded dragon is the cost. Many pets are expensive, and

this can be a problem. The bearded dragon is not. Once you’ve purchased a vivarium and a

few lights, you’ll be good to go. You may need to replace the bulbs and buy food, but this is

still inexpensive. In fact, caring for a bearded dragon will be far more affordable than the

alternatives. Still, you’ll need a few items to ensure that the dragon is able to survive.

Remember that you can always visit Exopetguides to learn more about caring for this type of

pet. It is recommended that you do just that.

Very Docile

There are some pets that can be very aggressive. This is a problem for people who don’t like

getting bit or stung. If you fit into this category, you’re going to love the bearded dragon. After

all, it is not going to bite nearly as much. In fact, some will not bite at all. It depends on how

old the animal is and how much human interaction is received. If you buy a bearded dragon

that has been handled a lot, it will be very docile.

In return, you won’t have to worry about it biting you.

Suitable For Everyone

Another thing to note is that the bearded dragon is suitable for everyone. This makes a good

pet for teenagers, adults, and even seniors. The bearded dragon is a fascinating creature, and

it is very easy to care for. This makes it a great pet. You won’t have to babysit this animal too

much. Just give it everything it needs to thrive, and it’ll be just fine. The fact that it is suitable

for everyone makes the bearded dragon the perfect pet.

It is also great that bearded dragons can be kept almost anywhere. They’re suitable for small

homes, mansions, and even apartments.

Should You Get One?

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and yours alone. Nevertheless, those looking for a

pet cannot ignore the bearded dragon. After all, this is one of the most docile pets, and it is

very easy to care for too. Feeding the animal won’t be too difficult, and it doesn’t take much to

keep them happy. As long as you keep their vivarium warm and well lighted, they’ll be just


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