The Importance of Pet Funerals

Grief has no one shape or form. Grief does not even have a straight curve. It is a feeling that comes and goes in waves. There is no time frame within which you can confine your grieving because it does not work that way.

Pet Funerals

The entire concept of grief and sorrow is very abstract and entirely a subjective experience. Different people grieve in different ways and for different losses.

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What might seem like a big loss for you, might not hold as much importance to the others. Therefore, it is important to recognize the personal struggles of coming to terms with events like the death of a loved one, and not mix the subjective experiences together in a grinder.

Speaking of death and the grief it brings, we are here to talk more about the loss of a pet. Pet parents are not lesser of a parental figure. They are as much a parent as the ones who raise human babies. Therefore, when a pet parent loses his/her pet, the grief could be very much like that of losing a child. And they must be allowed to grieve.

Though we cannot help someone out of the struggle, it is quite important to devise a few ways that can help them find their peace. One of the best ways to do so is by organizing a pet funeral, and no, it is not an exaggeration. Pet funerals have their own roles to play, and here are some of them.

A Pet Funeral Offers You Closure

What you had feared all this while has turned into a difficult reality, and now it is time to find your closure. Your pet has moved on to its heavenly abode and left you with a ball of grief weighing you down. But, you need to find peace and accept reality. A pet funeral can help you take baby steps towards achieving your inner peace. Call your close friends and family, share a few words and warm incidents concerning your pet, and accept the fact that your pet is in a much better place now. The funeral you hold shall give you closure, and you shall be able to move on gradually.

A Pet Funeral Helps You Honour Your Pet’s Life

Every living being has something of value to contribute to society. And therefore, every life counts. The passing away of life is always a woeful situation. And it is incredibly important to honor these lives. Holding a pet funeral can help you go over some moments you have shared with your pet and honor life in the way best possible. A pet funeral is a testimony to the emotions of a pet parent, and the fact that you will always carry the memories of your pet throughout your life. Also, look up granite pet memorials and see if you can get one built for your pet, as this will provide a tangible expression of your emotions.

A Pet Funeral Adds Validation to All that You Are Feeling

Funerals, be it for your pets or a human being, adds validation to your feelings and emotions. Death is an intense feeling, one that can overwhelm anyone. And we need ways to cope with the same. We need to feel that our emotions are being validated because that is how we can move forwards with our lives. Funerals add meaning to our emotions. And that is one of the main reasons to have them in the first place. It does not only honor the dead but also honors all that you might be feeling at the loss. Your pets have been an integral part of your life for a long, long time. And you deserve to mourn over their loss as much as they deserve to be honored on passing away. Do not shy away from accepting the fact that organizing a pet funeral will only help you validate your emotions and take a step forwards. 

A Pet Funeral Brings People Together

Sometimes you might need to grieve to come closer to the other people that matter. A pet funeral helps you bond with your family and friends over grief, and this bond is stronger than anything else. That does not mean that every time you need to bond over, death is the only unifying factor. But, there is no denying that friends and family show more support and solidarity when you face the loss of a loved one. You need their support more than anything to get over this phase and gradually carry on with the routine of your life. Holding a pet funeral, thus, becomes imperative. 

A Pet Funeral Reminds You of How Amazing Your Pet Was

Pet funerals honor the death of your pet and give meaning to your feelings. But, they also stand as a testimony to how loyal and warm your pet was, and how the pet had become an integral part of your life. You might forget to appreciate their love and the comfort they provided to you while they were around. But, as you reminisce over their memories during the funeral, you begin to appreciate them more for what they had been to you. Their contribution to making your life a wholesome one is more than what you could have even fathomed when they were alive. And a pet funeral only allows you to acknowledge the same. 


Pet funerals are a wonderful way to honor your pets in their life and beyond. They have been your constant companion in sickness and in health, and the least you could do is mourn over their death as healthily as possible. That is the only way you can find closure and peace of mind. It is normal to find your emotions all over the place when your pet dies, and that is why you need to organize a funeral so that you can find a healthy outlet for your emotions and drop the baggage behind.  

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