Essential Dog Supplies for Your Puppy’s First Homecoming

It is always exciting to bring home a new puppy because you know that you and your puppy will have a lot of adventures together. However, if you don’t shop for the necessary dog supplies online early on, it can be a stressful ordeal. So here are the must-have supplies that you need if you have a new puppy in your home.

Essential Dog Supplies for Your Puppy

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Food and Treats

First and foremost, you need to have a good supply of dog food and treats for your new puppy. A puppy is still developing their organs, muscles, and bones, and therefore, expect your puppy to have a big appetite. Dog food formulations differ in formulations according to the age, size, and type of dog breed.

If you are ordering your dog supplies online, it is best to correctly choose food for the specific age and size of your dog that aids in proper growth and development.

Food and Water Bowls

The feeding of your dog can be habit-forming, which means that your dog will get used to where the food is placed when it is time to eat. Food and water bowls are essential dog supplies that you must have in your home. However, there are still a lot of considerations when choosing the right dishes for your dog.

1. Plastic bowls

Plastic bowls or containers may be used as food and water bowls. They are inexpensive. However, plastics can harbor bacteria and food residue even if they are washed properly. Plastic food bowls are also light enough that your dog might use them as toys.

2. Ceramic bowls

Ceramic bowls, on the other hand, are heavy enough that your dog will not mistake them as chew toys. However, ceramic bowls are breakable and may contain harmful amounts of lead that may get incorporated with your puppy’s food.

3. Stainless Steel bowls

Although this is the most expensive dog dishware that you can find, stainless steel bowls are easily cleaned and sanitized. Stainless bowls are also extremely durable and can be used by your puppy for a very long time. When choosing a bowl, you should choose one that is large enough to fit your puppy’s mouth. Some dog owners choose a larger sized bowl so that it will still be useable until the puppy grows to adult size.

Collar or Harness, and Leash

Your puppy will need to be routinely walked for their daily exercise and for them to be able to pee and poop away from your home. It is best to have a way to control your dog during walks such as purchasing a collar or a harness and leash. Many people regard the dog harness as their preferred choice since a harness will not have the risk of strangling your puppy’s neck.

Dog Bed

If you do not like to share your bed with your new puppy, then you should purchase a separate dog bed for your puppy. You should train your new puppy to sleep in the designated dog bed during the early days of house training so that your pup will get used to it. For practical purposes, choose a bed from a store selling dog supplies online that will be large enough for your pup even when it reaches its adult age.

Grooming Supplies and Toys

You should also need to have grooming supplies and toys on hand to keep your new puppy well-maintained and well-entertained.

Having prepared for a new puppy by purchasing the necessary supplies from an online store will make your new puppy’s first homecoming a magical and stress-free moment.

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