Incredible Methods To Manage Your Dogs Weight 

Pets are incredible creatures that help to keep us company and entertained. Having a dog as your pet guarantees its loyalty and can help protect you from robbers and other harm that may come your way. This is why it’s important to ensure its health is in check. Dogs, like other pets, are at risk of obesity which can affect their health. Obesity increases the chances of getting other conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, which can lead to death. 

Manage dog weight

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There are different dog breeds like Rottweilers, bulldogs, pugs, beagle, german shepherd, cocker spaniel, and chihuahuas, among others which are at high risk of getting obesity. However, many causes can make your dog overweight, including overfeeding and lack of exercise. Being a dog owner, ensuring your dog stays healthy and with the right weight is vital. This article will explore the great methods to manage your dog’s weight.

Regular Exercise

If you don’t train or make your dog exercise, there are high chances obesity will catch up with it. Letting the dog sleep around without doing anything is risky to its general health. Exercising can burn down the excess fats, and sweating helps remove any toxic elements from the bloodstream. Always take your dog for walks and play games with it as a form of exercise. As you regulate its food, ensure you can take it twice a day for long walks around your neighborhood. This helps the dog stretch out, strengthening its muscle and managing its weight.

Control Your Dogs Feeding

Most people don’t have schedules for feeding their dogs, and those who have think giving the dog a lot of food is healthy. When feeding the dog, you should ensure the food is just enough and not readily available. You can consider buying bully sticks for dogs to control their eating habits and ensure they are still healthy. These foods help keep the dogs busy as they chew them. Ensure you measure the food correctly since dogs can feed all the food you provide. Provide small quantities at intervals during the day. In case of anything, ensure you consult with your vet.

Don’t Feed Your Dog Table Scraps

Feeding the dog the food we eat might seem cute and a good thing to do. However, this is not healthy, and you risk your dogs’ health. The human foot has a high-calorie content compared to human food. You can use the bully sticks for dogs to feed your dog. It will help regulate intake and give it the right amount of nutrients the dog requires. The food you consume may also contain toxic elements that are not good for the dog as they might lead to weight gain. Feed your dog with the recommended type of food for its stay’s health. 

Controlled Treats

It’s vital to give your dog some treats to help it mentally, which in turn is great for maintaining its weight. In addition, having controlled treats such as recipes and a vet your dog is comfortable with can be great.


Using the above ways, you have a healthy dog with a great manageable weight. Always consult with your vet and take your dog for regular checkups.

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