Dog Joint Health: How to Help Your Pup Have Healthy Joints

Did you know that about 30% of adult dogs suffer from at least a mild form of arthritis? Dogs are a lot like humans in that their joints tend to wear down on them over time and cause them all kinds of problems.

If you want to make dog joint health a top priority for your pup, you should take the proper steps to do it. You should keep joint health for dogs in mind right from the very start and work towards keeping your dog’s joints as healthy as they can be throughout the course of their life.

There are a number of things that you can do to prevent your dog from developing arthritis and other joint-related issues over the years. Learn more about how to keep dogs healthy below.

Work to Keep Your Dog at a Healthy Weight

Is your dog overweight? Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that about 55% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight these days.

This can prove to be problematic when it comes to dog joint health. If your dog has packed on too many pounds, it’s going to put a huge strain on their joints when they’re walking and running around every day.

You should work to keep your dog at a healthy weight by feeding them the right type of food and only giving them the recommended amount of it. You should also limit the number of table scraps that you give to your dog since they could be fattening them up.

By simply helping your dog to lose a little bit of weight, you can work wonders for their joint health. There will be a lower chance of them encountering arthritis and other joint issues down the line.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Getting Enough Exercise

Does your dog do little more than lounge around your house all day sleeping? While it’s important for dogs to get their sleep, too much of it could be bad for their joints and for their health as a whole.

When dogs spend all day lying down, it can cause their joints and muscle to stiffen up on them. This can eventually lead to pain whenever they try to put their joints and muscle to use.

You can help your dog steer clear of finding themselves in these situations by working to get them the exercise that they need. You don’t necessarily need to have your dog running marathons around your neighborhood. But a daily walk (or two!) can help to keep their muscles and joints loose and improve their health overall.

Stop Your Dog From Jumping On and Off Furniture

Do you have a dog that is constantly jumping on and off furniture in your home? They could be doing damage to their joints with every single jump they take.

If your dog is on the larger side, you might not have to worry too much about them jumping on and off furniture. But if you have a small or medium-size dog, these jumps can really take a toll on them and cause joint problems in the future.

Rather than allowing your dogs to jump on and off furniture, you should either train them not to get up on your furniture in the first place or, at the very least, set up ramps for them to use. These ramps can stop their joints from bearing the brunt of them jumping on and off furniture.

Limit the Number of Slippery Surfaces Your Dog Is Exposed to in Your Home

Are there a number of slippery surfaces like laminate and tile flooring situated throughout your home? These kinds of surfaces can cause issues for dogs when they’re slipping and sliding around on them.

It’s not a bad idea at all to put throw rugs on top of these surfaces so that your dog is able to get their footing on them. Otherwise, they could do joint damage when they’re walking and running on them.

You might even want to think about replacing some of your home’s flooring altogether if it means achieving the best joint health for dogs.

Provide Your Dog With Comfortable Places to Sleep

Sleep is, as we alluded to earlier, as critical to dogs as it is to humans. Experts will tell you that most dogs should spend about 12 hours every day sleeping, if not more.

It’s why you should give your dog all the space they need to stretch out and sleep each day. It’s also why you should provide your dog with comfortable places to sleep so that they’re able to rest in complete comfort.

Set up plush dog beds throughout your home so that your dog has places to go when they want to relax. These dog beds will give them a spot to sleep and cushion their muscles and joints while they’re taking it easy.

Give Your Dog Joint Care Supplements on a Regular Basis

In addition to doing everything else that we’ve mentioned here with regards to dog joint health, there is one other thing you should try to do to ensure your dog’s joints are in great condition. You should give them dog joint care supplements that are designed to provide your pup with the nutrients it needs.

Learn more here about how these supplements will help your dog in a variety of ways.

Dog Joint Health Should Be Important to All the Dog Owners Out There

The last thing that a dog owner wants is to see their dog walking around with a limp due to joint problems. You can prevent your pup from suffering from joint issues by making dog joint health a bigger deal in your house.

Use the tips listed here to protect your dog’s joints. By doing something as simple as going for more walks with your dog or giving your dog supplements, you can improve both their joint health and their quality of life.

Want to get more tips that’ll help you take good care of your dog? Check out the articles on our blog to find them.

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