What Beds Are Good for Dogs With Arthritis?

Like humans, dogs can also develop arthritis, which causes joint inflammation and tenderness. Arthritic dogs experience pain and difficulty while walking, running, and even getting up after prolonged lying down or sitting. That’s why it’s essential to provide them with proper care, including sleeping essentials.

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That said, what beds are good for dogs with arthritis? Often, old dogs are the ones who develop arthritis, so you can opt for beds for senior dogs. In fact, even young dogs with arthritis experience the same symptoms as old dogs.

Some senior dog beds might not provide enough comfort and support that your arthritic dog really needs. In that case, you’ll want to look for dog beds specifically designed for dogs suffering from arthritis, which we’ll discuss below.

What Beds Are Good for Dogs With Arthritis?

Ensure your arthritic dog rests, naps, and sleeps without discomfort by getting the right kind of bed or mattress. Below are four highly recommended types of bedding you should consider if you have an arthritic dog.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic dog beds provide superior support to your dog’s joints and bones. Like memory foam beds, they help distribute your dog’s weight evenly across the bed, relieving the pressure on their joints. They also won’t collapse over time due to your dog’s weight, which might otherwise develop pressure points.

Unlike standard memory foam beds, orthopedic dog beds have temperature regulation features to ensure your canine friend stays warm. Remember that warmth can help ease inflammation and relax the muscles. Most orthopedic dog beds are also pillow-shaped, providing your dogs with a longer and broader space so that they can stretch out. This feature is essential since arthritic dogs have a hard time curling up.

Orthopedic dog beds rest not too high and not too low to the ground to ensure your pets don’t lay too close to the floor. Such a height also allows arthritic dogs to stand up easily after lying down and ensures they don’t use their legs too much to climb up to their bed.

Self-Warming Dog Beds

As mentioned, warmth can help your arthritic dog gain relief and soothe its sore joints. Self-warming beds use your pup’s body heat to warm up the bed’s interior. You’re assured your dog is comfortable throughout the night, even during wintertime.

These beds are available in several designs and sizes to accommodate specific dog needs, sleeping styles, and health conditions. For your arthritic dog, experts suggest that you get a self-warming bed with a thick orthopedic base and anti-slip fabric cover. This design offers more support and protection.

Heated Dog Beds

These beds have almost similar designs and function as self-warming beds. The only difference is that they need electricity to warm up and maintain the desired temperature. Meaning, you would need to plug them into a power outlet.

The problem is, they may overheat. Make sure you only purchase heated dog beds made by trusted brands. Also, don’t forget to check out customer testimonials.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Dog Beds

PEMF is a kind of non-invasive therapy that has long been used to help relieve discomfort and pain. It also helps counteract inflammation and improve blood circulation in humans and animals. It addresses tissue regeneration and remodeling as well as supports the formation of new blood vessels. It goes without saying that it helps with the overall healing process.

Today, you’ll find commercially available PEMF beds that you can use as-is. Alternatively, you can place one under or on top of your arthritic dog’s bed for non-pharmaceutical pain relief.

Other Tips To Keep in Mind

Getting any of the beds designed for dogs with arthritis won’t be enough to ensure your furry friend has a comfortable and painless rest. It would help if you also did the following:

  • Ensure there’s enough room around the bed where your dog can line itself up to get out and in of its bed
  • Place your dog’s bed in a non-drafty or warm area of your house
  • Place a non-slip mat under and around your dog’s bed
  • Tuck in any loose bed sheets or blankets that can bunch up and prevent your dog from getting in and out of its bed easily and comfortably
  • Make sure your crate-trained dog has a large crate where it can stand up to stretch and move around conveniently

The Best Bed for Your Arthritic Dog

So, what beds are good for dogs with arthritis? There’s no doubt your arthritic dog will appreciate a bed that provides superior comfort and excellent support, such as those discussed above.

Make sure the height isn’t too high so that your pup won’t need to jump just to get in and out of bed. It also shouldn’t be too thin that it seems like he’s sleeping on the cold and hard floor. Lastly, ensure he’s comfortable and warm all the time by placing your dog’s bed in the right corner of your home.

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