Are Cane Corsos Dog Aggressive?

Like many other countries, the United States is one of the most dog-loving countries in the world. There were according to some reports nearly 90 million pet dogs in the country in 2017. Since then, this number has grown, especially during the pandemic when the adoption of pets surged.

These dogs range from the kind of toy breeds seen with certain celebrities and are so small they can fit in a handbag to muscular, elegant dogs such as the Irish wolfhound. Although the latter is a large dog that could intimidate some people, they are, on the whole, extremely friendly and non-aggressive.

Some breeds, though, don’t only look aggressive and intimidating but are dangerous too. Sometimes this is through bad breeding or through being mistreated and isn’t always the dog’s fault. Some breeds often get a bad name this way when it isn’t always warranted.

One such breed is the cane Corso. This large dog has a reputation for being aggressive, but is it true, or could they make a safe addition to the family home?

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What is a cane Corso?

If you are here, then it is conceivable that you have a cane Corso already, or you are thinking of giving one a home. However, there may be some of you out there who are not entirely sure what a cane Corso is, so here is a very brief background on these beautiful dogs.

The cane Corso is not quite the biggest dog breed you can find, but they are certainly up there. They are a mastiff that originates from Italy, and their bloodline can be traced back to the now extinct molossus. The molossus was to be found in Ancient Greek times and was known for its ferocity, and was often trained to fight to the death.

Male cane Corsos can grow to around 50kg and up to 70cm in height when fully mature. They quite often have their tails docked and their ears cropped. The RSPCA in the UK states that this is unnecessary and is often done purely for aesthetic reasons. This look is what has helped the cane Corso get a reputation for being aggressive.

Are Cane Corsos Dog Aggressive?

The Cane Corso has an aggressive, possessive nature that makes it one of the most dangerous breeds. In general, they do not like strangers very much, but this can be changed if you socialize them from an early age.

In general, cane Corsos are not very friendly towards other animals or people, but the dog will become more friendly with time. 

They are known to be somewhat distant or indifferent to other canines. However, they can react very differently to dogs of the same sex who enter their territory.

Despite this, cane Corso shouldn’t be discounted as a possible pet if you have the patience and time to work with them.

Can you teach a cane Corso to be less aggressive?

One of the tips for how to cope with an aggressive dog or breed is to socialize them. You can train a cane Corso obedience at a young age which will help as they grow older to be more friendly.

Obedience classes and positive training when they are a puppy will help them to be less aggressive. This breed of dog typically likes to show dominance, and this type of training early on can help to reduce this area of aggression.

A cane Corso needs a lot of patience and training to make them less fearful towards other people and dogs, which brings out their aggression. They are very protective dogs also, so there is also the risk of unnecessary protective behavior, which comes across poorly.

Despite all this, a cane Corso needs a lot of love and attention. They can be left alone for some hours during the daytime, but they need lots of engagement and exercise, so playtime is an important area for a cane Corso.

Can you legally own a cane Corso?

In the UK, the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was brought in after a spate of attacks by certain breeds. This act eliminated the ownership of four different dog breeds, including the Pit Bull Terrier. There are similar laws in the US, but these are controlled at the state level and in some cases, cities.

The cane Corso is among the most commonly banned dogs in the US. They have restrictions or bans in these areas:

  • Arkansas
  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Washington
  • Oregon

If you are thinking of obtaining a cane Corso, it would be a good idea to check with your local authority to see if there are any restrictions in place. You should also consider your environment.

For a dog such as a cane Corso, you will need to ensure that your backyard is secure, and they won’t be able to get out. You might think this isn’t such a big deal, but a cane Corso could potentially jump over fences that reach 6ft.

Are cane Corso suitable for families?

You may now be rethinking your choice of a dog if you have a family, but cane Corso is very family oriented. It is strangers that they can either be indifferent to or take a disliking to.

Immediate family is very important to a Cane Corso, and they make very good guardians. They can be very affectionate with the people around them in daily life, but woe betides anyone who chooses to break into a home with a cane Corso inside.

One thing that should be fully considered is the cost of looking after a cane Corso. Like any dog, this breed needs a lot of time to see all their potential. They need playtime and exercise, and they will also cost you financially.

According to PDSA in the UK, a cane Corso can cost up to £13,000 across their lifetime. That is around $15,500 when converted directly into US dollars. However, some experts put the lifetime cost of a cane Corso at closer to $24,000 and much higher if they require serious medical treatment or suffer from ill health.

Your main investment with a cane Corso may be time

Although a cane Corso will cost you thousands throughout their lifetime, you should be fully prepared to invest your time heavily too.

The biggest problem with taking on a breed such as this is not being prepared. You already understand that they will require plenty of training at a young age for socialization. Aggression is among common dog behavior problems, and the training will help to fix this.

Yet, you may not understand just how much time they will require after this. Cane Corso enjoys being around their human family. They will want to interact and be part of everything that is going on. Don’t be surprised to find your Corsi following you constantly, as they do love companionship with the right people.


While cane Corsos can undoubtedly be aggressive and are certainly formidable in appearance, with good training, they can be taught socialization and to be less dominant.

Cane Corso is extremely loyal, makes excellent guard dogs, and loves nothing more than being active around their family. A well-bred and trained cane Corso could make a great addition to a home. Just check for local laws first, and understand the responsibility that comes with this magnificent breed.

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