5 Ways You Can Start Running With Your Dog

When you find it hard pushing yourself to start being fit alone, get yourself a pet friend for that daily run! Dogs can be great partners for a run if prepared and trained properly. However, it is not as easy as it looks. Not all dogs are fit for a run, so consider the age, health, and breed beforehand. The perfect running gear is equally important. A good chest harness for yourself, water bottle, dog boots, paw balm along with some food supplies specifically needed for your pet using Chewy promo codes, must be prepared. Lastly, Don’t forget to check for any injury before finally setting out for the run! 

Below are some ways you can start running with your pet dog.

Start Slow

Ideally, start with a slow or brisk walk to gradually build your dog’s stamina. Get your bodies used to the activity and then move to short runs. Take the first few days to get used to the route and let your dog know the surroundings so that he enjoys his running path well. Later, progress to running at a good pace. 

Checking For The Correct Running Path 

The route should be such that it is equally comfortable for your four-legged partner. Usually, paths that are grassy or with soil are great for the dog’s feet. Also, check for temperature and weather conditions before setting out on the route. Concrete usually gets too hard on the dog’s feet and too hot in the sun that may cause any injury or burn on the skin. Various sunburn creams and first aid kit comes in handy if your pet partner has any uncomfortable experience.  

Train To Run Along

You and your dog need to stay close to run together, at an equal pace. This may require some training for your pup. It is also for the comfort and convenience purpose that you two run along. It is only easy for you if you keep the dog by your side and train him/her as such that you do not face inconvenience while running and holding the leash at the same time. Please do not keep them on the traffic side of the road to avoid any accidents. 

Take Breaks And Be Hydrated

As it is a new physical activity for you and the pet, take necessary frequent breaks before exhausting too much. Look for signs of tiredness and immediately stop and take a water break. Keep the dog hydrated and feed a favorite snack, maybe, if hungry. Sit for some time and let the dog regather the energy before resuming the run. 

Monitor The Pace

The pace is significant. You can pick up the pace in between the running and get you and your dog’s heart racing. The sprint is fantastic! It will give you and your pet friend strength and stamina both. However, it must be up to a prescribed speed and time that should be monitored. You must not push yourself and the dog to the extent that it causes breathing or any other health problems for both. 

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