Why Won’t My Dog Come Inside

It seems pretty funny when the pet lies down on the floor and refuses to get inside the home. Onlookers may find this behavior cute, but it can soon turn into a headache for you.

dog won't come inside
Dog won’t come inside

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It is quite difficult for some pet owners to assess why the dog is doing so. They try to convince the pooch and then pick it and get inside the house. What if the pet is too heavy or energetic? It will do everything to refuse to get inside the house. 

Do you wonder the dog behaves that way? Continue reading to reveal some reasons and solutions. 

Why is your dog refusing to get inside the house?

It is the most exciting time of the day for a dog when it moves out for a walk or play. It loves to jog around the park and assess the environment. There is nothing more important for your pet than its playtime. Just like a kid, pets want to spend a long time outside the house. Therefore, it’s a bit disheartening when you force dogs to get inside the house. 

One of the following reasons can be responsible for your pooch’s refusal! 

The pet isn’t getting enough playtime

How much time your pet spends outside the house? Do you take it for a short walk and get back home? Do you force your pooch to be inside most of the day? The dog will never wish to get inside the house if it gets very little time to play or walk. 

Your dog is a living being, and it has certain needs. Walking and playing are two of your pet’s favorite activities. You should at least spend 30 minutes outside the house with your dog. Let it run, play, and do other activities while you are monitoring. The dog will not refuse to get back once you are done! 

Boring environment

Dogs like to be active. They just can’t sit on the same spot and do nothing. You can see the pet roaming across the house, chewing certain things, and expressing boredom. It happens quite often when there is nothing to do inside the house. 

Your dog might be refusing to get inside because of the boring environment. There are no toys, you are always busy, and the pooch has nothing to do throughout the day. Make its life a bit interesting to keep the pet excited about getting back home. 

Recent changes in the house environment

Some dogs may refuse to get inside the property due to sudden changes. It is a rare incident because most dogs behave normally. Some dogs may not like to enter new places. They may spot certain things which scare them. Therefore, pet owners often pick and haul the pooch inside the house. 

It might happen to your dog if you are returning to a newly renovated house. It will take some time to assess the new property and then walk inside. Give your pet some time so that it can feel comfortable. 

Negative reinforcement

Dogs deserve your love and attention. Scolding won’t help you make it a good boy because your dog will always be scared of you. It may even refuse to get inside the house because the memories of the recent scolding incident are fresh. 

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train dogs. Some delicious treats can do a lot better than punishments. Some dogs may get quite aggressive if you continue to scold them. Create a loving atmosphere in the house to welcome the pet.

What can you do to convince the dog to get inside the house?

First of all, you should treat the dog politely. That innocent creature is just uncomfortable with something. Let him spend some more time outside and then try to get it inside. If that also does not work, you should try to lure the pet inside. Use your dog’s favorite treats to get it inside the house. 

Encourage the pet to cope with its fear if something is scaring it. Always follow the positive reinforcement technique to train the dog. The pooch will never get scared of getting inside the house, and thus you will never face the problem. Take your pet to the vet to diagnose any underlying health problem if nothing works! 

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