Utmost Interactive Toys for Dogs

Although there is a wide range of toys available for dogs in the market most of them are quite basic.

It is nice to have them in the house, but they won’t keep your dog intrigued for a more extended period of time and can be very boring.

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On the other hand, interactive toys can be very exciting. They have some unique and innovative element in them that keeps the dog occupied and intrigued for a longer period. There are three categories of interactive toys:

Sound producing: produce different noises when moved or bite.

Motion Toys: move on their own in unpredictable directions only with one push.

Content toys:  it is like the puzzle and give out objects, normally treats, to keep the dog intrigued.

1. Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Game


IT is a very interactive toy that will keep your dog interested for longer periods of time.   Its mechanism includes hiding the treats inside the blocks, then let your pup move the blocks and search for treats. Apart from a good interactive toy for mental exhaustion, it can also be utilized for basic conditioning like sitting. It is very durable toy and hard wearing that can be utilized to entertain as well as train your dog without strict supervision.

Its design is dishwasher safe, so it is easy to keep clean as well as reuse it. It is an excellent training aid for a variety of commandments. The element of surprise of puzzle present in this means that it will mentally engage as well as entertaining upon finding the treats.

However, it requires patience from your dog in finding out the treats because the intensity of this toy is little high intelligence.  They might need few hints if they are a slow learner or not understand it at all.

2. Wobble Wag Giggle toy


The difference between this ball toy and other balls is that it makes a giggling noise when it is carried by your dog. It can be used both in indoors as well as outdoors owing to its nominal size, as it is easy to pack to go. It is designed within depths that makes it easier for dogs to carry them around while walking.

The giggling sound is produced due to the rattling of small tubes inside it, so it does not require batteries or recharge in case your dog loves it the most.  For example, this can be utilized to play chase with extra energetic dogs. The dog will love the giggling sound and make it going once it is rolling.

Although it is quite a durable toy, yet it is not suitable to be chewed. In case it is chewed it will deteriorate, and there are chances that the tube might choke the dog.

3. Kong Jumbler Football toy


The unique design makes simple games like chase the ball interesting. The exterior contains a tennis ball and produce a squeaky noise that is intriguing for your dog. It is a durable toy along with handles on both sides for easy grip and interaction with your dog. It is big enough to be handled by larger dogs as well and keep them interested for long durations.

The squeaky voice will keep the dog intrigued along with the interacting tennis ball inside. The shape is very interesting as your dog will not know where it will bounce once it is thrown off.

However, it requires supervision to ensure that your pup does not chew on handles or to get the tennis ball out of it.

4. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Toy


It is an excellent dog toy; it can make the mealtime quite interesting. It can contain up to three cups of the food that can be dispensed later gradually as your dog plays with it. The openings of this toy are adjustable according to your needs. It can be adjusted according to the size of the food.

The food never spills out as the toy bounces back when it is pushed. After your dog is familiar with its mechanism, it can be utilized to feed them the entire meals. As it is a slow way to eat off the meal, it minimizes the chances of extra eating very ghastly.

However, it is hard to clean as the inside of the toy is not that visible. It requires trough rinsing to be properly cleaned.

5. Ifetch too Ball Thrower


Although it is a pricey option, yet it is the most suitable toy if your pup loves to fetch. This product makes sure that the fetch game and the fun is endless and not dependent on the strength of your arm.  It includes pet safe tennis balls, and you can train your dog to reload the machine as well. Since the dog doesn’t play with the machine, as it is expensive, you will never need to replace it due to chewing. It is a lifetime investment for all types of dogs.

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