14 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

Are you planning to get a pet but not sure which would suit your lifestyle more? Precisely between a dog or a cat? There is no doubt that both stand equally lovable at their places.

But today. Let us talk about how cats are the best pick! We want to clear some myths and highlight some unheard facts about them.

why cats make the best pets
why cats make the best pets

Some of us feel that cats are not very friendly, scary, very self-obsessed, and a whole new mystery! But, did you wonder what it would be like to unveil the mysteries that they carry? Pawstro, a team of digital pet portrait artists, will help you with that. 

Honestly, cats are not as scary as some people have hyped them to be. They are rather fiercely independent, silent attention payers, personal space admirers, very cunning and hygienic.

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They are very mischievous and probably love to lay across your laptops while you work or enjoy smacking things off your desk just like that, but that’s a big part of their charm, and that’s how they are adored! Their shenanigans might lift your eyebrows with lots of surprises.

 Here are 14 reasons why cats are the best pets you can have: 

1. They are Low Maintenance

Unlike dogs, you don’t have to take cats for frequent walks, grooming, and training or buy them toys or treats very often. They can simply noise their way through your kitchen, your living room, or any space. They don’t need large spaces to run or play around. They will explore your home in their way. Read more about the cost to have a cat.

2. Much Quieter Pets

Be it giving a hungry, pee, or playing signal when it comes to cats, they don’t need to meow for every single purpose. Also, their callings are sweeter and less noisy than loud barks. You would rarely see a cat purring around constantly. This helps them to make just the perfect pet, especially for those who do not like loudness and prefer peace, solace, and silence. 

3. Very Independent

Cats love independence! They don’t seek constant belly-rubbing or patting from you. They can easily plan their day out without having to need you around. They are very content and will never give you those puppy-eyes glares at all, so no guilt trips! 

4. Help keep Pest free-house

You might be aware that cats love to hunt. They can be labeled as “Natural Predators.” When it comes to swiping off the trace of spiders, mice, or houseflies, they can be of great help. They shoo them away so efficiently as if they are getting paid to do so!

5. Longer life span

The best part of owning a cat is that you get to cuddle with them for up to 20 years. Parting with your beloved pet is the most difficult task to do. Cats will stay longer with you to purr and play around. So, no worries about losing them early!

6. Reduces stress and anxiety

Pets come across as one true blessing. Their little steps make a great impact on the owner’s life. It’s all just roses and good. There is no need for any therapy when you have these cute and furry creatures around. One session with your cat can end up calming you to a great extent. It is said that their meows can calm down your nervous system and control your blood pressure levels. 

7. Improves cardiovascular health

It is said that having pets like cats around can have a reduced risk of heart attacks or strokes. Having them around is very therapeutic and all your bodily havocs can be kept at bay. 

8. Reduces loneliness

Having a pet in your home is the biggest cure to the worst circumstance ever, loneliness! They will be your strength and your light in the darkest days. Just a glimpse of them can turn up your moods. If you have pets around, they will help your brain release the right kinds of chemicals required to be cheerful.

9. Affordable

Cats won’t be much of a burden to your bank accounts. They need comparatively lesser food, space to live, toys and grooming. Simply decorating a small box as their sleeping space would be enough. So, you get loads of love but with minimal investment! 

10. Self-Groomers

To keep their furry coats in tip-top condition, cats groom themselves very well. They probably love cleanliness and hygiene more than you. So, you need not worry about cleaning again and again. Some of them might need brushing regularly but it still costs less than any other pet.  

11. Not attention seekers

This can be of huge relief for those who stay away from their homes for long hours. Workaholics can rest assured that their cats can still stay without them for up to a day or so! They do not want you around every time since they understand the need for personal space themselves. You can come home, take your time to freshen up, have your food, and then can go and give them some time. They don’t want you to rush to them, even when you are not in a state to do so! 

12. Super alert while sleeping

You might notice your cat taking tons of naps per day. They are always floating in their dreamy world. But, even on the slightest movement around, you will notice how quickly they wake up and are ready to pounce. 

13. Adorable

Any pet is adorable but cats just take a win over them. With their eyes so sharp, skin so furry and their personality being so lazy yet lively, their uniqueness can be seriously seen! 

14. Photogenic

With those sharp and wide eyes, you are guaranteed to have a perfect click of this furball. Keep these memories alive by getting these pictures turned into a digital pet portrait by Pawstro. You will get a re-definition of those moments spent together flawlessly. 

So, adopt a cute kitty today and make some pawsome memories together. We suggest you do your research first and then choose the apt cat breed from a reputable breeder, shelter, or rescue group! 

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