What Type Of Dog Carrier Do you Need?

Dog carriers, also known as travel dog kennels, help to ensure that your pet is safe in transportation. They minimize the helter-skelter that a dog can cause on a leash while on transit. Before you get one, there are factors that you need to consider. Here are some of the most important ones.

Dog Carrier
Dog Carrier

Measure your dog’s size

Your dog’s size will determine the size of the dog carrier you get. To get the correct measurements of your dog for a carrier, you should measure it from the back. Hold the tape measure from the dog’s back. Measure from the neck to the tail. You should add a few inches to the measurement that you get. You can add 5 or 6 inches to it.

To get the correct height of your dog, you should do the following. First, put the tape measure on the top of its shoulders to the ground. If you are getting a soft-sided carrier, you need to add about 2-3 inches to the shoulder’s height.

Consider what you will use the dog carrier for

Even though you may use one dog carrier in multiple situations, you need to know what you will use it most for before buying it.

This will help you choose one that will give you the best use.

  1. Handbag dog carriers: If you are the kind of person who loves to walk around with their furry friend, then this is the type of dog carrier you need.
  2. Travel dog carriers: If you are in a moving car, you need a dog carrier with shock absorbers.
  3. Airline dog carriers: Some airlines are specific about dog carriers and kennels. You need one with good air circulation for your dog during the trip. It has to be designed for flight.
  4. Bike dog carriers: If you want to experience your bike rides with your pet dog, you need a dog carrier. You need one with a strong and durable bottom that will support the dog’s weight.
  5. Fashion dog carriers are designed for people who want stylish yet functional dog carriers.

The types of dog carriers 

Just the way there are different uses for a dog carrier is the same way that different types and preferences fit those needs.

Backpack carriers 

Just as the name suggests, these are dog carriers that the owner can carry on their back. One of the things to look out for includes enough ventilation for the dog. Your dog will be near your body, hence sharing the heat radiating from you.

The backpack carrier also needs to have strong and extra shoulder padding. The bottom part should be strong enough to handle the dog’s weight while on your back. 

Soft-sided carriers

Such carriers are great when you want to travel with your dog. Since most of them are light in weight, you can even put them under your seat on a flight. However, they usually come in smaller sizes than the rest.

Sling carriers

This is a fabric made in the shape of a sling wrapped around the body and used for carrying dogs. It is mostly used for smaller and younger dogs that need some cuddling. Even though most dogs carried in this sling carrier are small, the fabric needs to be strong enough to support them.

Hard-sided carriers 

These carriers are normally made out of strong, durable plastic materials. The hard exterior is extremely durable and resistant to weather elements. It is easy to clean a hard-sided carrier whenever the dog makes a mess.

However, they tend to be heavier than the others types of carriers. Choose one that will ensure that man’s best friend is safe and sound. 

Other considerations when choosing a dog carrier 

The other things you should look at before buying a dog carrier include:

  1. Quality: The quality of a dog carrier may determine a lot. While your dog is in the carrier, you need to know that it is safe and comfortable. The material needs to be soft and cozy, as well as well-ventilated.
  2. Flexibility: You can look for a dog carrier that can perform in different scenarios without compromising on the safety and comfort of your dog.
  3. Sturdiness: The body of the carrier needs to be able to hold your dog without collapsing on it.

Spending time with your dog while walking or driving can be quite therapeutic. Choosing a good dog carrier shows that you love and cherish your furry friend. Don’t rush when choosing a carrier for your dog. It may cost a penny initially, but eventually, it will be worth it.

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