what kind of CBD oil is best for dogs

For some of us, our pets are the most loved family members.  And for the loved ones, you want the best in terms of health and life quality.  It is a known fact that pet owners treat their pets like their children on a daily basis. 

What Kind Of CBD Oil Is Best For Dogs

While checking for your health as a human is very normal, it is also normal to do that for your pet. 

And people are doing it, after finding some kind of solutions to improve their health, they try it on their pet. 

Of course, they do it by contacting the veterinarian first. 

Keep in mind that just like humans, pets encounter many health issues throughout their life. 

What people are constantly searching for themselves and their pets are all-natural products. 

We say that because these products work in the long-term and do not cause negative side effects. 

And lately, there is one kind of product that is helping a lot, CBD or Cannabidiol. 

This ingredient of the cannabis plant, before helping pets and animals in general, is very helpful for humans. 

That is why after a lot of research, people started using CBD for their pets after seeing all the benefits on themselves. 

The results are pretty much the same because animals and humans have the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the most important functions of the body and mind. 

This is a biological system involved in most biological processes that occur in the body. 

To be more precise, this system plays a role in sleep, immune system, mood, memory, and other functions. 

CBD has the power to interact with the receptors of this system, which in return release all the therapeutic properties.

In this article, we will try to explain everything you need to know about CBD and pets. 

Assuming that you don’t know anything about CBD, we will explain the basics of it. 

After that, we will move into explaining the effects and benefits of using CBD for pets. And to make it even easier for you, we will recommend some CBD oil products and some tips to use them. 

We assume that this amount of information will be enough for the topic. 

The important things we need to know about CBD for pets

In case you were not sure, CBD is a cannabis plant’s ingredient, an all-natural cannabinoid. 

This does not mean that CBD is not safe to use or illegal, just because it comes from cannabis. 

The fact is that there are medicinal cannabis ingredients that have a lot of therapeutic potentials. 

In the cannabis plant, there are hundreds of cannabinoids, with CBD and THC the most active. 

These two have similarities but also differences in terms of safety. 

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the one ingredient of cannabis that has psychoactive effects on its users. 

In other words, THC causes addiction and gets users “high.” 

But CBD is different, and instead of causing such negative effects, it has the ability to fight any kind of addiction, be it drugs, medicine, cigarettes, etc. 

CBD will not get you “high” but will surely help in the mood and other areas. 

From the psychoactive effects of these ingredients, you can understand why CBD is safe to use and legal while THC is not safe to use and illegal. 

You should know that the legality of CBD products differs among countries. Some allow 0.3% THC in CBD-based products such as CBD oils. 

And some others do not allow any percentage of THC at all in these products. 

There is one country that allows up to 1% THC in CBD products, Switzerland.

This European country has worked a lot on regulating the medicinal cannabis laws and now leads on the market. CBD oils for pets of Swiss quality are among the most wanted products on the market. 

This is what most people recommend, and you can expect high-quality products from them. 

The main benefits of CBD oil for pets

Before moving into the list of the main effects of using CBD for pets, you must understand that it is very difficult that CBD oil can harm your pet. 

Instead, it will offer a lot of therapeutic properties and improve the quality of a pet’s life. Furthermore, here is a list of the most common benefits of CBD oil for pets:

  • CBD oil can really help manage all sorts of pain, including skin pain, and acts as a powerful painkiller offering support against the pain caused by cancer symptoms.
  • It has the ability to release anticonvulsant properties and, as a result, help against spasms, seizures, etc. 
  • CBD oil can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression by interacting with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. This is very important because managing such issues can avoid other health problems. It is a fact that stress can be the source of other bigger health issues, and by using CBD oil for your pets, you will directly boost the serotonin levels and improve mood. This results in a more relaxed pet with less fear and anxiety. 

Other benefits include the anti-inflammatory effect, which is maybe the most important. 

We say that because this property helps in managing a lot of health issues. 

CBD oil is also good for stimulating appetite in pets. As you may know, some pets have problems with nausea and vomiting. 

CBD oil is the perfect all-natural option that comes with antiemetic effects to help. 

Of course, there are other medicines to help against this issue, but they are non-natural and cause side effects.

CBD oil can also help slow tumor growth and manage cancer symptoms. The anticancer property helps a lot to manage these terrible symptoms. 

In conclusion, we believe that we covered a lot of what you need to know about CBD for pets. 

If you have any doubts, please contact the veterinarian for more information regarding your pet. 

We encourage you to see CBD oil as a must-have all-natural remedy for your pets. 

The risk of any negative side effect is very small, while the potential for health improvement is very big. 

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