What is the Best CBD Oil for Dogs?

Due to work, social norms, trauma, and responsibilities, we are often plagued by many mental afflictions. Anxiety, stress, and depression can be the destructive result of those issues. It ruins us over time and without proper help, medication, and rehabilitation we fair worse than ever. The crazy thing is that we as humans are not alone in this mess, animals also are affected by these emotions. And that includes our pets such as dogs, as they are intelligent enough to perceive them. And to combat that we need solutions.

Among the many solutions are medications that we humans depend on to get over many illnesses and diseases. There are many medications available on prescription by doctors. For mental we need the likes of anti-depressants. They often come with side-effects that are harmful to us. But some of the alternatives like CBD oils that can be consumed have fared better for humans. And are looked upon to find a bridge where we can apply these to relieve our dogs as well.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol oil or CBD in a cannabinoid. This is an extract from the cannabis plant also found in hemp (often used as a recreational drug known as weed/mari.juana). This makes up 40 percent of the plant’s extract. There are clinical researches on the effect of CBD on anxiety, movement disorders, cognition, and pain to name a few. This oil is not just a single cannabinoid, but a mix of many cannabinoids that makes this up. This also has a psychoactive chemical called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which causes the high of ma.rijuana.

Till now there is no solid proof of what effects exactly CBD has on humans and even less so on animals such as dogs. But it was found it is used to aid people with neurological disorders and pain relief. The side effects of CBD with food, supplements, and the safety doses are not defined as should be due to lack of research progression at a major level.

CBD oil effects on dogs

Many pet-based CBD oils are made from hemp and are not singly CBD extract without the THC. The THC is included to add the pain relief and temper calming effects of the CBD. Hemp has very little concentration of CBD unlike that of cannabis.  While some others claim just the CBD extract that is watered down without the THC. That can have calming effects without getting the dogs high. It also should be noted that THC reduces the effects of THC high on the person or animal it’s used on, ONLY AT HIGH DOSES. CBD can also cause diarrhea and tiredness.

There is proof of it working to help relieve or numb the small amounts of pain exhibited by arthritis. The anxiety levels or panic is reduced by this oil of all intent and purposes on dogs. Dogs showing night terror or panic from waking up in the dark can be remedied with a bit of the CBD oil. The small and mild uses are shown to work but to what degree differs on an individual basis. Whether they sedate your dog or calm them by other means is not clear yet.

US Drug and Food organizations have not given information on these dosages used for dogs. And most products and supplements might have potential reactions upon usage. So, if you are looking upon using CBD related supplements or oils, you need to test out the waters with very small doses and observe with caution. Have the vet dialed just in case. The most reasonable thing to do is to get the vet’s recommendation on how and if it uses these products on your dogs. Here is a good website to get high-quality CBD oil for dogs.

CBD oil has to be on a broad spectrum of CBDs in oil to work well. Getting more amounts of cannabinoids that covers all aspects of the spectrum, this helps to get the most out of these oils’ effects.

What is the best CBD oil for dogs?

Among the range of CBD oils for dogs in the market, the search for the right one can be a hassle. Not to mention that bad or obscure products might have very dangerous consequences on your dog. CBD oil with solvents in them will cause harm to your dogs. And not to mention the false labeling of many CDB oil bottles or packaging has the CBD percentage lower while having a higher concentration of THC than advertised.

With that said we did our research to find the best CBD oil brand out there on the market. And condensed down the description and reviews for you to get an example of what to get or compare to.

Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs

Pet CBD oil tinctures are budget-friendly and very high-quality CBD oil for your dogs. The spectrum is a very broad spectrum of CBD to cover all effects. The flavors are dog friendly with natural and our favorite pick out of the two, the peanut butter. This is very palatable and attractive for your dogs. This product contains no GMO based ingredients. It’s THC free and contains no pollutants and additives.

The ingredient of the two flavor oils is Cannabidiol (CBD) and MCT Oil and Cannabidiol (CBD), Peanut Butter Extract, and MCT Oil.

These come in different concentrations depending on your dog’s needs. Ranging from 150mg, 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg and all the way to 3000mg. This product comes with free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee according to their website.

The user manual of the site tells you to add a small bit daily over a few weeks to notice the results. This is also a direct response to the fact that CBD can accumulate in the body over time. Best is to ask your vet about it.

To conclude

CBD oil is still under research for both humans and pets alike. The wisest thing to do is get your vets advice and recommendation before proceeding, as these might have adverse effects on your dog.

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