Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Mental Health

While training dogs, there are many things which one needs to acknowledge in order to maintain their mental health. Dogs will never ask for money or jewels or a lavish lifestyle. All they will ask for are a comfortable shelter, some food to keep them satiated, and nice companionship.

If any dog, be it a Golden Retriever or German shepherd, is subjected to a traumatic lifestyle, they will become cranky, and their behavior will become imbalanced. This is the reason why dogs should always be treated in the best possible manner so that they are at their best behavior.

To keep their mental health stable and optimum, here are the tips that you can follow. These tips are applicable for any dog species and hence, you won’t have to rummage through different places in search of some ideas pertaining to your dog’s health.


When you will adopt a puppy, it doesn’t mean that you will only be concerned with his proper health and his proper food. Dogs are man’s best friend. But this friendship will not work if it is one-sided. It means that you need to befriend your pet.   If not, your dog will become aloof or not eat properly.  You will notice sluggishness in its behavior.

These are a few signs of distress in your dog’s life.  Moreover, you need to ensure that whatever they are doing, they are doing willingly out of a respect for you. A dog’s happiness is radiated from his actions and similarly, if he is sad or upset about something, he will let you know. It’s up to you to understand the signs.


Doctors recommended you go on a walk or do something active in order to boost your mental health. If this rule is applicable to you, then it will suffice for your dogs also. Go on a walk with them. And if you are afraid you might lose control and cause them to sprint away, consider buying an adjustable dog lead.

These belts resemble the traditional leashes, but they are adjustable, and hence you will be able to control the length. In this way, your dog will be in control and you will be able to enjoy your walk along with your pet without any sprinting problems.


Dogs are very intelligent and it’s important to test their mental capability. For this, you will need some active games which are meant for improving the coordination power of the dog. Mind games help in improving their neural coordination, thus making them smarter and more intelligent. Also, these games are known for improving their state of mind, thus eradicating boredom and loneliness.

Some of the best mind games are:

  1. Hide and seek is one of the funniest games you can play with your pet. You need to make them learn how to react upon finding each other. Make it surprising as that will trigger their interests.
  2. Go for a treasure hunt where you can keep their favorite food and allow them to hunt them down. This will increase the coordination between their senses and will boost up their olfactory sensation.
  3. The shell game is yet another way to increase the concentration of dogs.


Animals don’t love to be in an enclosed space life long. They are free-spirited and that’s why it’s not wise to cage them throughout their life. when we are talking about dogs, sometimes, the crates and the caged spaces are better in order to ensure the safety of the others. But, for the enhancement of their mental health, let them free for at least one to two hours a day till they are being trained. The dog playschools are a good place to start with since those places allow free space for the dogs and also the interaction with other pets.


Treat them in a friendly way. Show them your companionship because a dog seeks someone’s friendly behavior and lot’s of love. Any form of mistreatment will crush their heart and that won’t be good for both their mental and physical health. When you will train them to be disciplined, exercise the needed amount of strictness. In fact, sometimes, training the dogs needs rewards. Give them candies or biscuits if they successfully learn what you are trying to teach them. This will enhance their interest in doing the same thing again.


Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. You just need to train them in a proper way, to enhance their mental and physical health without subjecting them to any type of harsh treatments.

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