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The German Shepherd is the most popular dog in the world. It is very strong, muscled, athletic, and has a very well-balanced Body.

Its nicknames are Schäferhund, DSH, GSD, and Shepherd. But GSD is the most popular. You must need to socialize them properly, otherwise, they will become overprotective of your family and territory and your neighbors and relatives will not able to come to your house.

According to CDC (CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION), nearly 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs each year. The German Shepherd was the third that most likely attacks a person. But now its drop down to #23.

German Shepherd

Origin: Germany

Date of origin: 1800′s

Original function: Herding, guarding, police dog

Today’s function: Police, contraband, detection, assistance, herding trials and Shutzhund.

Other names: Alsatian, Deutsher, Schaferhund

Size: HEIGHT: (Male) 24-26 in. (Female) 22-24 in.

WEIGHT: ( Male and Female) 75-95 lbs.

Life expectancy: 10-12 years


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History: The German Shepherd, is an incredible dog. Seen in many books, movies, and in Hollywood.  This dog came from Germany, and the Verein fur Deutsche Scharferhund SV, an organization that bred the German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is the closest related breed to the wolf! Today, the German Shepherd is most often used as Police dog and is probably the best. These courageous dogs were used in war, and the German Shepherd soon became popular in the movies. Today, the German Shepherd is probably the most versatile of dogs; serving as police dogs, war dog, guide dog, search-and-rescue dogs, explosives-detecting dogs, show dog, guard dog, and family pets!

Temperament: The German Shepherd is among the smartest breed of dog. They are extremely devoted and are always intent on the mission. German Shepherds, are very aloof and suspicious towards strangers, making them very protective. Also, the German Shepherd is usually good with other pets but can become aggressive towards dogs. The German Shepherd is very loyal and makes a great guarding, family dog.

Color and appearance: The German Shepherd is a large breed, that stands longer than tall. They have a strong jaw, with a scissor bite. The German Shepherd dog has a wolf-like appearance. Its eyes are brown, their ears stand erect. The German Shepherd has a thick double coat, colors that are mostly found is black and tan, shades of sable and black, or all black. They also may be found in white.

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Looking after: The German Shepherd may not be the dog for everyone and is best for experienced owners. The German Shepherd loves challenges, making it eager to please. To keep your dog happy, give it exercise because these breeds have great stamina. However, German Shepherds are adaptable and can live in an apartment as long as it gets all the exercise it needs. They can also live outside but is much happier with its family. Brush them once or twice a week. German Shepherd Dogs are highly trainable, so they can be trained to do anything.

Puppy Info: German Shepherd puppies, usually born with black or gray coats, turn tan in 2-3 weeks. Just like the adults, German Shepherd puppies have a wolf-like appearance, and wolves, too, are born with floppy ears. They will prick up in 1-2 months. Puppies should be trained at the early age. The litter size s 5-10 puppies. ( 8 or 9 on average).

Health: The German Shepherd lives 10-12 years, and usually suffers from the elbow and hip dysplasia. (which can lead to arthritis). Because of their larger size, they can get bloat.

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